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Re: [QF-Test] 'Check enabled state' node not working correctly with submenus.

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] 'Check enabled state' node not working correctly with submenus.
  • From: "Adrian Chamberlain \(BE/ETL\)" <adrian.chamberlain@?.com>
  • Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 10:35:20 +0200

Hi Robert,
Thanks for the feedback.
I can confirm that the check node was set to throw an exception on error (i.e. check failed).
For the menu items which are objects of class JMenuItem an exception is thrown if
the meuu item is disabled (greyed out).
But in the case of a menu item which is a submenu (i.e. JMenu), no exception is
thrown and there is no indication in the run log of any errors.
I've attached two run logs.
1. JMenuItem.qrz
2. JMenu.qrz
The popup menu is called 'Circuit' and has various menu items including
'Secure' and 'Service'.
Menu 'Circuit'
menu item 'Secure' - JMenuItem
menu item 'Service' - JMenu (i.e. submenu)
* Both these menu items are greyed out (disabled).
As the first run log shows, the 'check enabled state' node resulted
in an exception being thrown (i..e 'Secure' item is disabled).
But the 'check enabled state' for the menu item 'Service'
(which is a submenu) results in no errors and hence no exception.
Kind Regards


From: Robert Lahmer, QFS support [mailto:support@?.de]
Sent: Fri 27/04/2007 08:55
To: qftest-list@?.de
Cc: Adrian Chamberlain (BE/ETL)
Subject: Re: [QF-Test] 'Check enabled state' node not working correctly with submenus.

Hello Adrian,

you are right, a submenu is also a JMenuItem and hence you can use the
'Check enabled state' node for it. The problem might be that you expect an
exception to be thrown, in case the JMenuItem is not enabled - but it's
just an error! You should set the option 'Throw exception on failure' in
the check node, if you want to abort the test execution.

Best regards,

--On Donnerstag, April 26, 2007 15:17:00 +0200 "Adrian Chamberlain
(BE/ETL)" <adrian.chamberlain@?.com> wrote:

> 'Check enabled state' node not working correctly with menu items which
> are submenus.  A submenu is of course a menu item (i.e. JMenu is
> a subclass of JMenuItem).
> If the 'Check enabled state' node is used to determine if a submenu is
> enabled the check node never fails, even when the submenu is
> disabled (greyed out).
> For example:
> ---------
> item 1
> item 2
> item 3
> submenu 1
> item 4
> item 5
> Using the 'check enabled state' node to determine if menu item 'submenu
> 1' is disabled  never fails (i.e. no CheckFailed exception is thrown).
> Given that 'submenu 1' will be a JMenu and given that JMenu is a subclass
> of JMenuItem, why does the 'check enabled state' node not work correctly
> in this case ?
> Any help appreciated.
> Regards
> Adrian
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