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[QF-Test] SUT start-up mechanism / SUT arguments

  • Subject: [QF-Test] SUT start-up mechanism / SUT arguments
  • From: "Adrian Chamberlain" <Adrian.Chamberlain@?.com>
  • Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 18:53:45 +0000

I am having a problem with respect to passing a command line argument to
the SUT.

A 'Start Java SUT client' node is used and the parameter

-u username

is included in the 'Class arguments' section of the 'Start Java SUT client'

If I look at the run log, the command line output is shown to be as follows

 Command line: 'java -client -ea -Xmx512m
 -DInactivityTimeOut=0 -jar lib/arch.jar
com.marconi.on.gui.StartApplication -u nmcman -h localhost -p 17601 -d'

where 'nmcman' is a valid username.

The above command line looks correct.

However, the application is behaving as though the -u parameter were not
present on the command line.  I know this, because if the '-u username'
parameter is not provided, then the application will get the username from
the '' property  i.e. reference the static method
'getProperties()' from the 'java.lang.System' class.  Consequently the
application login phase fails because it thinks the user is 'root' (i.e. I
was 'root' when I ran the qftest tool).

If the Java application/SUT is run outside of qftest, with a '-u username'
parameter, then it works fine  i.e. if '-u ncmman' is specified then the
application successfully takes the username from the -u command line

ie. the following is executed in a shell (as user root) :

/opt/java1.4/jre/bin/java -client -ea -Xmx128m
preferences.MarconiUserPreferencesFactory -DInactivityTimeOut=15 -jar
lib/arch.jar -h localhost -s localhost -p 17601 -u nmcman -d

I am therefore beginning to wonder if the command line output shown in the
run log is genuinely what is being executed by qftest.  Qftest used to
start the SUT by way of envelope scripts (which built up the java command
line) in the directory /opt/qftest/qftest-2.0.0/bin
i.e. the script '' .

I'm now finding that even if the scripts in this directory are renamed
(process of elimination!!), then qftest still manages to start the SUT,
which leaves me somewhat confused now as to how qftest is starting-up the
SUT.  Basically, I am trying to establish why our application is failing to
see the -u argument to the main class when started by qftest, and was
hoping to put some extra diagnostics into the relevant envelope script.

Does SUT start-up still make use of the aformentioned envelope scripts or
has the mechanism been changed in recent versions of qftest ?

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.