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RE: [qftestJUI] Comparing Screenshots - Best Practices?

  • Subject: RE: [qftestJUI] Comparing Screenshots - Best Practices?
  • From: "Michaelis, Mark" <mark.michaelis@?.com>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 17:09:59 +0200


well, I am done with a first version (pre-alpha, I think) and I would like
to share my current state with you. Attached you will find the file
"" which actually is a file in the package "image" (place
it as in a directory "image" and don't forget the It contains the tips as provided by Gregor (Thanks for
the hint again, Robert) to take a snapshot of a component and of the
complete screen.

And to answer my question about checking: I added the file (meant to be located in the package "assertion" and
named again) which depends on image.screenshot. It is able to
compare to Image files or to compare the actual screenshot of a component
with a previous screenshot.

As already said: This is my very first version and any improvement hints are

Kind Regards,

Mark Michaelis
Software Engineer Quality Assurance

CoreMedia AG
Ludwig-Erhard-Str. 18
20459 Hamburg, Germany

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