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[qftestJUI] [Image checks & transparency] "Old style image grab" feature

  • Subject: [qftestJUI] [Image checks & transparency] "Old style image grab" feature
  • From: Laurent Dolle <ldolle@?.com>
  • Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 17:32:29 +0200


I try to find how to activate/deactivate the "Old style image grab" feature (see hereafter for definition), but I can't find anything either in the GUI (Edit/Options...), in the user manual or directly in the config file qftestJUI.cfg (I'm using qftestJUI 1.95.2).
Does anybody have an idea of were to set/unset this feature?

Next remark is for Gregor: "transparency during image checks is now handled correctly"... and is rendered in black if I'm not wrong.
Is it a way to change this default color (or will this be customizable in a near future?)? Indeed, since black is often used for foreground color, this can be confusing for the end-user (in fact, medium grey would fit better, but a grey/white draughtboard would be the best ;) ).

3. Release notes for qftestJUI version 1.08.6

New features:

* When capturing images for checks, transparency is now handled

 This change is not backwards compatible. If your old image checks
 break due to this change and you want to stick with the old,
 incorrect way of capturing images, activate the option "Old style
 image grab (broken and deprecated)".


Laurent Dollé
Amadeus Java Middleware
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