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Re: [qftestJUI] qftestJUI with unit tests

  • Subject: Re: [qftestJUI] qftestJUI with unit tests
  • From: Dave Borgeest <david.borgeest@?.biz>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 12:01:31 +1000

An update for the archives...

We've written some tests that step through our swing app that alters the content of a website. We can then insert a HttpUnit check using a jython script.

A simple example that tests that "Google" appears on

from com.meterware.httpunit import *
conv = WebConversation()
request = GetMethodWebRequest("")
response = conv.getResponse(request)
if response.getText().find("Google") == -1:
    rc.logError("Couldn't find Google on Google!")

You need to download the jars from, and place them in your 'plugins' directory...

Fun for the whole family...

Gregor Schmid wrote:
Hello Dave,

the setup for qftestJUI is complex. Besides determining the correct
classpath, the qftestJUI launch script (or executable on Windows)
evaluates and changes a few environment variables, things that were
not (easily) possible in older JDK versions. It might be possible to
get it to run embedded in a VM but it's easier by far to make a system
call and run it in batch mode.

If you run

qftestJUI -dbg > qf.log

(you need to redirect the output to a file on Windows) you'll get a
lot of informative output and may be able to set things up yourself.
We're not going to support it though.

Best regards,

Dave Borgeest <david.borgeest@?.biz> writes:

We've got a reasonably complex application, one component of which is
a Swing desktop application. What would be the best method to make
some qftestJUI tests part of our overall test run?

Our application publishes data to a webpage, so we'd ultimately like
to run an individual qftestJUI test, then run an HttpUnit test to
check the results on the website. Are we forced to make system calls
to start the tests in batch mode? Or is there a Java library we can


    int result = (new QftestJui('name of test')).runTest('test name');

Didn't see anything like this in either the manual or these mailing
lists. Just thought I'd check - :)

thnx - dave
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