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RE: [qftestJUI] waitFor String in Terminal

  • Subject: RE: [qftestJUI] waitFor String in Terminal
  • From: "Paul Bindels" <paul.bindels@?.com>
  • Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 11:21:45 -0700

Hi Greg,

Where can I find a list/description of all the variables available via
${qftestJUI:<...>} ?  I would like to access other such data including the
return code of the previous test run without looking at the run log but
rather to access the information from my jython scripts.


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Hi Bastian,

if you see the output in the terminal, you should also be able to access it
with ${qftestJUI:client.output.<nameOfClient>}. What does the run-log say?
It should help you find out whether the output is actually missing or
whether there's a bug in your script.

Best regards,

Bastian Bowe <Bastian.Bowe@?.de> writes:

> Hi,
> we're using LaunchAnywhere from Zero G for our product distribution
> version. How to wait for a string on the console in that case? I've
> read and i get
> the solutions working for output of a Java class, ant builts started
> from batchfiles etc.
> LaunchAnywhere creates a OurProduct.exe. The .exe uses a
> OurProduct.lax file to setup classpath and starts the (in qftest
instrumented) JRE.
> Output to console is displayed on the qftest terminal area. Finding
> the outputstring fails.
> How to find output strings in that case?
> Kind regards
> Bastian
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