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AW: [qftestJUI] Encoding for setLocal

  • Subject: AW: [qftestJUI] Encoding for setLocal
  • From: <ilango.sriram@?.de>
  • Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 11:29:40 +0200

 Hi Gregor, thanks for your help!

Sorry, seems my last mail was in html and the Euro-Symbol got changed again!
So the sign I want to use is \xa4 (€ - in html: &euro;)

SUT-Script: setLocal(myVar ,"0,00\xa4" or "0,00€")
-> Check Node: check text ($(myVar))
Erwartet: '0,00¤'
Erhalten: '0,00€'.

SUT-Script "0,00\x80" (Windows-Euro)
Erwartet: '0,00€'
Erhalten: '0,00€'.

(same with numberFormat.getCurrancyInstance() )

I guess it is some special encoding that is needed. My workaround is returning the string without the eurosymbol and adding it in the check node with expected: $(myVar)€


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Betreff: Re: [qftestJUI] Encoding for setLocal

Hi Ilango,

have you tried using hex code? E.g.

rc.setLocal("123\xe2\xac", myPrice)

You may still get unexpected results in the run-log "Setze lokale variabl..." message, but what about the result in the SUT?

Best regards,

<ilango.sriram@?.de> writes:

> Hi!
> It's me again!
> My present question is as follows:
> Which encoding do I have to use for strings returned from my SUT-Script to qftest JUI (containing ⬠Symbol)?
> ---
> Example
> SUT-Script:  rc.setLocal("123â¬", myPrice)
> Protokoll:   Setze lokale Variable 'myPrice' auf '123¬'
> SUT-Script:  rc.setLocal('-123'+ "â¬".encode("cp850"), myPrice)
> Protokoll:   Setze lokale Variable 'myPrice' auf '-123ª'
> (I've tried a couple of random encodings without success)
> ---
> Greetings,
> Ilango
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