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[qftestJUI] Component not found Error

  • Subject: [qftestJUI] Component not found Error
  • From: Kalyan Tangirala <kalyan.tangirala@?.com>
  • Date: Wed, 04 May 2005 20:08:08 +0530

Hi all,

For now, I am just recording and playing back. When I record, I can see
all the components in the "Windows and Components" including the
component for which I am getting the following error message.

When I play back, I keep getting this annoying pop-up message "Component
not found; The component 'XYZ' did not appear".

I went to the mailing archive to check out if anyone had faced a similar
issue and found the reply from "Riaz Mohamed" where he suggests the
following to "Mary":

"/Go to Edit --> Options. You would get a options popup. Then Drill down
the Record tree and select components . On thsi frame select Record
System classes only. Launch your application you are testing . Go to the
Windows and Components tree in the QFtest , right click on say update
components. If you are just starting to record i guess you could also
record the script with the obove option. /"

Though I made the above mentioned changes, (your guess is right) the
same annoying pop-up message appears. Obviously, qftestJUI is
recognizing the component while recording but does not find it while

I greatly appreciate any help.


1. On the same sequence, sometimes the playback succeeds and most of the
times it fails giving the above annoying message.
2.  When I record a particular sequence and playback immediately, it
succeeds but when I switch to a new screen and come back to the original
screen and then do a playback, it again gives the "component not found"
error message.