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Re: [qftestJUI] double Modals

  • Subject: Re: [qftestJUI] double Modals
  • From: Gregor Schmid <Gregor.Schmid@?.de>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 07:31:32 -0000

Hi Scott,

"Scott R Boisvert" <Scott.R.Boisvert@?.gov> writes:

> Another problem..... I have a test that put invalid data into a text
> field to verify a modal dialog box appears.  The first text field
> works fine...but when it moves to the next field the modal dialog
> appears, then for some reason it sits there when it should just click
> the OK button, after a few seconds an identical modal dialog appears.

Sounds like a problem in your program.

> Occasionally qftest will close the second modal. However, the first
> modal is still there.  Even when the modals are not closed qftest
> attempts to go to the next action and then errors because of the modal
> dialog. Why is this and how do I fix it?

You only told it to close one modal, so it definitely won't close two.
The question is: "Which event triggers the modal dialog?" Only a
developer will be able to answer that. The next question is: "Why is
that event repeated?" Perhaps a run-log would show.

Anyway, You should be able to get rid of the second dialog by clicking
the OK button twice. Wrap the send click in a Try/Catch to handle the
ComponentNotFoundException in case the second dialog doesn't appear.

Best regards,

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