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Thomas Max, QF-Test Consultant & Trainer

Approfondez votre connaissance de QF-Test en participant à un webinaire spécial!

Webinaires spéciaux QF‑Test

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Since 2014 we have been offering QF-Test special webinars. Our trainers treat subjects that give a deeper insight into the tool. Customers or training participants sometimes suggest these subjects and the content of the special webinars is treated briefly in our trainings.

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Next special webinar

January 27, 2020
14.30 - approx. 15.30 CET
Stay flexible – Master QF-Test variables efficiently: global or local, dynamically generated or out of the application, from a data base or via Excel…free of charge

Reserve your seat for the next special webinars which is for free, the number of seats is limited. You will have the possibility to ask questions at the end.


Send registrations or thematic suggestions for future special webinars via email to webinar@remove-this.qfs.de.

Subjects of former special webinars

Special webinarsContentVideo on YouTube
November 2019The golden interface to our web application - recognize your web components with the CustomWebResolver
May 2019Small intervention - big effect: How to write my own resolvers in QF-Test to recognize my components more smartly?
Apr. 2019 What's new in QF-Test version 4.5? Mobile Emulation Mode, Testing Electron etc. Watch video
Jan. 2019Dependencies in QF-Test - it's like magic: Smart management of test preconditions and global error recovery
Nov. 2018Solving the component riddle: How to achieve robust component recognition in QF-Test? Watch video
Sep. 2018Travelling to Treasure Island - recover the hidden treasures in QF-Test via scripting: extending functionality via Jython, Groovy and JavaScript
Apr. 2018Stay flexible – Master QF-Test variables efficiently: global or local, dynamically generated or out of the application, from a data base or via Excel…
Jan. 2018QF-Test 4.2: Uniting the best of several worlds – QF-Test and 3rd party tools: PDF Testing, JUNIT, Selenium, SOAP/REST Services, image-based testing etc.
Dec. 2017Let QF-Test run... unattended test execution in continuous integration tools (e.g. Jenkins) or batch scripting
Sep. 2017Access the inaccessible: How to handle complex custom components in QF-Test?
Jan. 2017Component recognition advanced course: In the morning Java, in the evening Web
Oct. 2016WebDriver, Re-run...what's in there for me? See the latest QF-Test 4.1 Release!
Sep. 2016Dependencies in QF-Test - it's like magic: Smart management of test preconditions and global error recovery - ausgefallen
Jul. 2016Component recognition in QF-Test - How does it work and how can it be optimized?
Apr. 2016Keyword-driven testing - generic test development with QF-Test
Feb. 2016Jython Scripting in QF-Test: Advanced Course
Oct. 2015Customized Web-Resolvers
Jul. 2015Scripting languages: Basic Course
Apr. 2015Problem analysis in component recognition
Sep. 2014Effective administration of prerequisites and post conditions with dependencies
Jun. 2014Advanced scripting
Apr. 2014Scripting languages in general: Jython and Groovy

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