SQS is one of the leading international specialists for software quality with about 3000 employees world-wide.

With SQS-TEST/Professional Suite SQS offers an extensive test management framework, covering everything from requirement management through test-case development and execution to integration of test-results into a comprehensive report system.

QF-Test seamlessly interoperates with this system without special requirements for the integration.


QF-Test execution is triggered by SQS-TEST/Professional and results are led back, processed and administrated again in SQS-TEST/Professional.

The integration with QF-Test is performed via a public API interface of SQS-TEST/Professional. Only the SQS-pilot has to be installed.

That given, scripts can be transferred to the target system, either manually or directly addressed within the SQS tool.

Please ask SQS for more details on their SQS-TEST/Professional platform. Also for technical questions on the integration with QF-Test contact the SQS support via or by telephone +49 2203 9154 -11 (SQS test suite support).