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QF-Test Holistic Plugin - Released on April 1st

QF-Test holistic plugin

With this free plugin you now have the opportunity to transform your automated testing with QF-Test into a holistic experience.

We also recommend this video to get in the mood:

Download the "Holistic Plugin" free of charge

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Java GUI Testing

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Web UI testing

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Quality First Software GmbH Imagevideo

QFS Tulpenstraße 41 Geretsried

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What was the reason Quality First Software GmbH was founded?

What makes QFS to what it is?

Find here more information about us.

QF-Test and NeoLoad - perfect team for Web load testing

Recommendable video for testers

YouTube Build a successfull team: Motivate your Software Tester

Petra Bouskova, auf der SeleniumConf in Berlin im Oktober 2017, spricht Testern aus der Seele: 

Build a Successful Team: Motivate Your Software Tester