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Jetons un coup d'œil dans QF-Test

[Translate to French:] QF-Test welcome screen

QF-Test welcome screen

The welcome screen contains a number of helpful links to main entry points like demo video, quickstart wizard, tutorial, manual, FAQ and demo suites.

[Translate to French:] QF-Test testsuite

Test-suite structure

A test-suite in QF-Test is mainly represented by a tree structure of different node types. It may contain test-sets and test-cases as well as reusable procedures and component information. On the righthand side a detail view displays all attributes of the currently selected tree node.

[Translate to French:] QF-Test text check properties

Text check properties

There are a number of attributes available for "Check text" node - mainly the expected text, which can be specified also as regular expression. Beside timeout and delays a result variable can be specified.

QF-Test Fehleranzeige

Result message on interactive test run

In case of errors or exceptions during the test-run in interactive mode, at the end a summary dialog displays the respective result.

[Translate to French:] QF-Test run log with error

Run-log with error

All detailed information and results of a test-run are stored in the run-log. Also organized as tree structure it allows convenient handling and is the central resource for error analysis.

[Translate to French:] QF-Test debugger

Test debugger

QF-Test's integrated test debugger proved very useful for step-by-step execution. It allows setting of breakpoints, a continued test-run at a different position, inspection of variable binding etc..

[Translate to French:] QF-Test report generation options

Report generation options

QF-Test supports creation of reports in HTML and XML format. For customization there are a number of properties available in the respective dialog.

[Translate to French:] QF-Test html report

HTML report

HTML reports provides a quick overview about the tests performed. Beside the overall result it contains numbers of successful, failed and skipped test-cases including detailed information on durations, error messages and screenshots.

[Translate to French:] QF-Test package documentation

Package Documentation

QF-Test allows automatic creation of test or package documentation for test-suites and libraries in HTML and XML format.

[Translate to French:] QF-Test embedded Jython script

Embedded Jython script

Scripting is an important way of extending QF-Test's capabilities with functions not available out of the box. Both Jython and Groovy are standard scripting languages also providing comprehensible libraries.