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[QF-Test] QF-Test version 3.5.5 released

  • Subject: [QF-Test] QF-Test version 3.5.5 released
  • From: Gregor Schmid <Gregor.Schmid@?.de>
  • Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 18:31:33 +0100

Dear QF-Test users,

for the benefit of those that don't receive our newsletter the
technical details of new QF-Test releases are also announced on this
mailing list. My apologies if you receive this information twice.

Should you be interested in subscribing to the full newsletter please
send an informal email with subject "Subscribe Newsletter" to

 QF-Test version 3.5.5 released

QF-Test version 3.5.5 is now available for download from

This version updates support for Firefox versions 27 and adds new
support for Firefox 28. Eclipse/SWT support has been updated for the
Service Release 2 of Eclipse 4.3. Early adopters of Java 8 are
strongly encouraged to update to this version as it fixes issues with
focus handling when testing Swing applications with Java 8 on Windows.

 Technical advice for Java WebStart

Java WebStart keeps evolving as Oracle continues to tighten the
security restrictions. When upgrading from an older Java version to
Java 1.7.0_51, please first ensure that your application keeps running
outside of QF-Test. Unless developers followed all the new rules and
signed the application jars with a commercial certificate you may have
to define an exception for your application in the Java control panel
under "Security". This exception list is a long overdue feature in
Java 1.7.0_51 that finally makes life for testers a bit easier:

QF-Test 3.5.5 should be able to handle WebStart applications with Java
1.7.0_51 and automatically confirm those dialogs that can be
confirmed. However, the number of pitfalls during WebStart startup
that depend on timing and other subtle details continues to increase.

The upcoming QF-Test version 4 will use a completely new mechanism for
connecting to the SUT that is far more flexible and powerful. If you
run into any WebStart-related problems, please get in touch with our
support via <support@?.de> and we will provide a pre-release that
you can try.

 New QF-Test/web video: Reduction of complexity

Though modern web user interfaces, based on common AJAX frameworks,
typically look nice and work well, it is difficult to create
automated tests for them.

This video vividly demonstrates the explosion of complexity in AJAX
user interfaces and how QF-Test keeps it manageable, so that testers
can concentrate on the functionality they need to automate without
concern for the implementation details of AJAX frameworks:

Or via our YouTube channel:

 Release Notes for QF-Test version 3.5.5

New features:

* Support for Firefox version 27 was updated and new support added for
  Firefox version 28.

* Eclipse/SWT support was updated for service release 2 of Eclipse
  version 4.3.

* The driver test-suites and documentation for the integration with
  imbus TestBench were updated.

* QF-Test is now less restrictive when comparing document URLs or href
  attributes, so a simple change of a hostname, IP address or port no
  longer requires working with regular expressions in the 'Feature'

Bugs fixed:

* Focus handling for replay with Java 8 has been improved and QF-Test
  now works around a bug in Java 8 when setting a window topmost on
  Windows systems.

* Proxy settings for Internet Explorer are now application-local, so
  even after a crash the system proxy settings remain unchanged.

* The user agent for Internet Explorer 11 is now reported correctly by
  QF-Test's embedded browser.

* Firefox confirmation dialogs for closing or navigating away from a
  web page are now handled correctly and can be interacted with.

* Input of Unicode characters from 'Text input' nodes with 'Replay
  single events' set was not replayed correctly on some Linux systems.

* Closing the QF-Test main workbench with a run-log still open, then
  jumping from that run-log to a test-suite caused the saved session
  of opened test-suites to get lost.

Gregor Schmid

E: gregor.schmid@?.de
T: +49 (0)8171 38648-11
F: +49 (0)8171 38648-16

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