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[QF-Test] calldaemon and batch mode question

  • Subject: [QF-Test] calldaemon and batch mode question
  • From: Andy Lawrence <andylawrence.russia@?.com>
  • Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2013 14:21:52 +0400


I have a couple of questions about usage calldaemon and batch mode.

1. Is it possible to generate reports in junit xml format in case of remote launching (via calldaemon with batch options)? I tried to do that but without a success.
2. The same question about generation HTML reports for calldaemon, is it possible?
3. If answers are No, then could you please suggest any approach how to generate junit report or HTML report from standard report file (like qzp and so on)? Is there any utility that comes with QF-Test that helps to manage such task?

Example of my command to launch QF-Test remotely (assuming that listener is up on remote server and permissions for folders are OK):
qftest -batch -calldaemon -daemonhost <remote_server> -daemonport <remote_port> -runlog /home/user/qfs_reports/%M%d%y-%h:%m:%s/test.qzp -report.junit /home/user/qfs_reports/junit -report.html /home/user.qfs_reports/html -variable value=1  c:\\test.qft

From User Manual it is a bit confusing to figure out what command line parameters can be used and work only with '-batch' option or with both options '-batch -calldaemon'.

Thanks in advance,