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[QF-Test] ClientNotConnectedException when testing with Hudson

  • Subject: [QF-Test] ClientNotConnectedException when testing with Hudson
  • From: Lance Additon <Lance.Additon@?.com>
  • Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2013 20:25:43 +0000

Hello community, I am using Hudson to perform some QF testing on a client of ours. The Hudson job calls an ANT script that is setup properly to launch the qftest as seen below. Basically the test then runs a jnlp file. I can do this in the console window of the server where Hudson resides, but for some reason, when Hudson tries to do it, I get the error below. Inside of the test I am launching the jnlp with the argument –Xnosplash to disable the splash screen from showing up. If I don’t do this then I get a silly error: Java Web Start splash screen process exiting .....

Splash: X11 connection failed: No such file or directory


<project name="System-Configurable-Autobuild"




    <taskdef uri="antlib:org.apache.ant.compress"




    <target name="runtQFTests">


        <exec executable="/etc/qftest/qftest-3.5M2/bin/qftest" failonerror="false">

            <arg value = "-batch"/>

            <arg value = "-run" />

            <arg value = "-runlog" />

            <arg value = "%w-%e-%x.qrl" />

            <arg value = "${testSuite}" />



      <fail message="Failure due to unexpected: exceptions, errors, or warnings.">



                <equals arg1="0" arg2="0"/>









It is able to start the test suite. However, when I look inside the runlog, I see this ….


<AbstractStepLog duration="60023" name=" [Client]" realtime="60029"

                         time="13:28:28.796" timestamp="1357759708796"


          <ClientWaiter client="$(client)" id="_9"/>

          <MessageLog resource="msg.namedVarExpanded" time="13:28:28.797"






          <StackTraceLog time="13:29:28.816" timestamp="1357759768816">

            <StackTraceEntry suite="/etc/qftest/plugin/KDTest.qft"

                             time="13:29:28.816" timestamp="1357759768816">

              <SetupSequence ref="_6"/>


            <StackTraceEntry bindername="Globals" time="13:29:28.816"


              <binding name="client">Client</binding>


            <StackTraceEntry bindername="Command line" time="13:29:28.817"


            <StackTraceEntry suite="/etc/qftest/plugin/KDTest.qft"

                             time="13:29:28.817" timestamp="1357759768817">

              <RootStep ref="_0"/>


            <StackTraceEntry bindername="---Fallback stack---"

                             time="13:29:28.817" timestamp="1357759768817"/>

           <StackTraceEntry bindername="System" time="13:29:28.817"



          <ExceptionLog pstate="2" state="3" time="13:29:28.823"

                        timestamp="1357759768823" vstate="3">

            <Exception class="de.qfs.apps.qftest.shared.exceptions.ClientNotConnectedException"


              <message>Client 'Client' did not connect.


Please double-check your setup sequence and refer to</message>

              <stacktrace>de.qfs.apps.qftest.shared.exceptions.ClientNotConnectedException: Client 'Client' did not connect.


So the question is, why can’t I run this in Hudson, when I can run it from the command line on the same server as Hudson??