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Re: [QF-Test] Query regarding Sequence with time limit option

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] Query regarding Sequence with time limit option
  • From: Michael Höber, QFS Support <support@?.de>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2012 08:55:01 +0100

Title: Query regarding Sequence with time limit option



the 'Sequence with time limit' is empty, there are no child nodes to execute, thus it took 0ms. You have to add some child nodes to the sequence.

Child nodes are executed as usual, but upon completion of the sequence the elapsed time is compared to the time-limit.

Exceeding the time limit will result in a warning, error or exception, depending on the value of the attribute 'Error level if time limit exceeded'.

Explicit delays like 'Delay before/after' or user interrupts are deducted from the duration before the constraints are checked, unless 'Check realtime' is activated.

The function of this node is to check time constraints in the user-acceptance range, i.e. between a few hundred milliseconds and a few seconds.

Real-time constraints of a few milliseconds or less are beyond its limits.

For more information about 'Sequences with time limit' please see:



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Subject: [QF-Test] Query regarding Sequence with time limit option



We are doing performance testing and trying to capture the time taken to launch a application.

In this case we have used Sequence with time limit” option to capture the time taken to launch the application.

Here we have given time limit as 100000 but after execution actual time is showing as 0 ms. Please find the attached snapshot for the same.

Can you please let us know how to capture time taken to launch a application?

Waiting for the reply.


<<121217095612.qzp>> <<practice.qft>>

Thanks in advance,