With offices in Oberhausen (Germany), rola has been one of the leading providers of IT solutions in the fields of internal and external security and the analysis and interpretation of intelligence data for the last 30 years. With the rsFrame® software framework, rola has specialised in solutions for information management, networked case processing and information analysis and evaluation.

For police applications, rola developed the rsCASE® variant, an IT solution for case processing and analysis, which is being used in the fight against terror, organised crime, white-collar crime and in special situations, for example by German Federal Police Organizations and in 11 federal states in Germany.

More than 50,000 users currently work with IT solutions from rola.

The product rsCASE® depicts utmost complex customer requirements with extremely high demands at the system generality. This calls for maximum flexibility and reliability of the test system regarding alterations of design, functionality and logic.

QF-Test at rola

QF-Test excels at a high degree of automation, which can be adapted and executed totally reliably and quickly.

The separation between technical and business test view is especially felicitous, which offers the specialists of different development levels a tool which meets their particular demands.

Moreover, the degree of automation is raised internally through a test case generator, thus removing the necessity of altering or creating a part of the version depending test cases manually.

At a whole, a product that fulfills paramount requirements and stands the practical test optimally.

(Original German texts and citations are translated into English.)