The employees of the German federal tax and revenue bureaus in the state of Lower Saxony can look forward to working with modern software. In the course of a multi-year project in preparation for the future FISCUS Software, more than 10,000 workplaces will be upgraded from a text-based system to a state-of-the-art Java interface without changing the process used by the financial computer center in Hanover. For this project, QF-Test has been put into action as the central test tool.

QF-Test at OFD:
complex specialist tests

Crucial for the selection of QF-Test were its support for complex data structures, its ease of reusability of single test modules through different test phases and software versions as well as the minimal effort needed to update test cases when changes in the software interface and logic are introduced. The strict demands of quality for a system of such high complexity would simply not have been possible with the given human resources without the usage of a quality automated testing tool.

The intricacy of the the German tax system represents an enormous challenge. Thanks to QF-Test, the large number of technical test cases could be structured concisely. Identical test-cases are used during the various testing phases which keeps the maintenance effort for the tests at a minimum. With the inclusion of QF-Test into configuration management and its usage in the execution of integration tests as part of the the build process, errors in the system are now found and dealt with at a much earlier stage of development.

(Original German texts and citations are translated into English)