QF-Test usage at Region Midtjylland

Region Midtjylland is one of five administrative units in Denmark and the second-largest. The primary responsibility of Central Denmark Region is healthcare, involving responsibility for hospital services, psychiatry, health insurance, general practitioners and specialists, plus operating a number of social institutions. As a part of this, Central Denmark Region utilizes QF-Test for its elektronisk patientjournal (Electronic Patient Journal EPJ), which integrates all the information about each patient's course of treatment within one single computer system, thus simplifies workflows in the hospitals, raising their efficiency.

Regression and Performance Tests

QF-Test is deployed in several ways in conjunction with EPJ in Region Midtjylland.

  • When performing performance-test in the scaling environment, Loadrunner. In those instances where either Loadrunner can't perform the required test, e.g. 'user login', or in those instances where the required test is much easier to perform using QF-Test, QF-Test is used/applied.
  • In some instances entry and/or editing of data in the EPJ can only be performed through the GUI. If feasible, this task is performed utilizing QF-Test.
  • QF-Test is employed in regression tests for new versions of the software.
  • Until recently QF-Test was used for generating response-time data. As the response time for the EPJ on the hospitals are known to differ, primarily due to each hospital's unique network structure, a machine (PC) running on each hospital were running QF-Test, performing standardized user-type tasks. The response-time of those tasks were measured and data were collected in order to monitor potential problems. Nowadays, data are collected real-time from all users.

Overall we are satisfied with QF-Test and its fulfillment of these tasks.