Le Bihan Consulting is the exclusive distributor for Europe of PSNext, a leading comprehensive Java-Web enterprise project management solution edited by the California-based Sciforma company. We provide all the associated services: project management consultancy, software installation and configuration, training and support, development of integration gateways with other applications.

QF-Test at Le Bihan:
Quality assurance before delivery

We use QF-Test to check every new release we get from our American partner before we distribute it. We've scripted our commercial demo, our training program and many non-regression tests. Play them all is a simple and efficient quality process we could not have before.

We've also been using QF-Test for stress-testing and benchmarking, especially in pre-sales contexts. We happened to have QF-Test runtimes playing scenarios on dozens of PSNext clients challenging the server part.

We mainly appreciate QF-Test for the following reasons: its excellent component recognition, its scripting capabilities and Jython support and its overall performance.

Thomas Héron, CTO, Le Bihan Consulting, France