Special webinar on July 5th 2016: Component recognition in QF-Test - How does it work and how can it be optimized? (basics)

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It's about the main point in test automation: Component recognition. Once this works reliably, tests are tolerant to GUI changes and lead to low maintenance effort. A subscriber from an earlier special webinar on the topic writes: "Hello Mr. Moser, many thanks for the webinar, it was very informative and I think that I can significantly improve component recognition now." Simon Heun, Janitza electronics GmbH, Lahnau, Germany.

Component recognition in QF-Test is flexible and in addition to standard controls like buttons or checkboxes it also supports complex components (dynamic trees, tables ...). This webinar shows the basics of this algorithm and configuration options in QF-Test (for the recognition of both Java and Web objects) as well as possibilities how individual parts can be optimized.

The session is going to take 1.5 hours and costs 125 € per participant. For reservations or further information please contact webinar@qfs.de or +49 8171 386 48-10.