QF-Test goes conference

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On Thursday 19th of October Fabian Klaffke talks about experiences in a client project: “Keyword-driven testing and variant management – practical experience with Klaros-Testmanagement and QF-Test  (pdf in German)”. This solution workshop is part of the 25th software QA day of imbus in Frankfort, the leading conference concerning software quality and software testing in Germany.

Dr. Pascal Bihler of QFS will focus on the developer’s site in the next week with his speech: “It works, but does it work how it should? – GUI test automation for RapidClipse projects” on the Java Community Conference JCON in Dusseldorf which takes place for the first time. Mr. Bihler will have a whole cinema hall next Wednesday 25th of October for his presentation. Exclusively out of the “screenplay”: With RapidClipse you can create extensive projects either as web application, hybrid mobile app or classical Java desktop app efficiently and conveniently. HTML5 and Vaadin are the web technologies therefore. Will there be a happy end for the insurance of the end-to-end system functionality with QF-Test?
For spontaneously interested people: We have free tickets for the JCON in Dusseldorf. If you are interested in such a ticket, please send an email to service@remove-this.qfs.de or call us: +49 8171 38648-10