QF-Test extends its comprehensive AJAX webresolver library

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Now GUI test automation also for web pages available that were written in Smart GWT or Angular. Resolvers for Smart GWT Version 6.1 and Angular (Version 4, Version 2, Angular JS) including the UI components Bootstrap and Material make this happen.

QF-Test abstracts deep interleaved DIV hierarchies back to logic (generic) GUI elements. This reduces the complexity of web tests drastically. QF-test offers this specific component recognition also for AJAX toolkits GWT, ExtGWT / GXT, ExtJS, ICEfaces, jQuery UI, Kendo UI, PrimeFaces, Qooxdoo, jQuery EasyUI, RAP, RichFaces, Vaadin and ZK.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us: service@remove-this.qfs.de.

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