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This maintenance release includes updates for testing with Chrome 70 as well as bugfixes for running PDF tests regardless of the licensed engines and...

This medium upgrade adds procedures and a scripting module for controlling macOS applications. Eclipse/SWT support now includes version 2018-09, the...

Special webinar about "Component recognition" on November 26, 2018 November 26, 2018 16.00 - approx. 17.30 CET.

Reserve your seat for the next...

This is a pure maintenance release that fixes a number of non-critical bugs.
Download Link for QF-Test 4.3.2

Release Notes

Besides a few minor bug-fixes this release includes updates for the latest browsers and support for images with shear mapping in the PDF client.

Two new videos about testing PDF documents and the QF-Test Eclipse Plugin.

This release adds support for Java 11, Eclipse/SWT 4.8 "Photon" as well as SWT with GTK3 and comes with a great step towards faster release cycles.

The embedded Selenium WebDriver framework was updated to version 3.13.0 and Mozilla GeckoDriver to version 0.21.0 which adds support for Firefox 61....

This release adds support for Chrome up to version 68 and Firefox version 60. In addition the upcoming WebDriver deployment model for Edge is...

The entry videos how to start Java and Web applications with QF-Test easily are updated.

80 News Gefunden

In our News Archive you can find all our news from 2002 to 2015.

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