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Qualité n'est pas seulement notre nom.


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QFS = Quality+Fun+Sustainability

QFS = Quality + Fun + Sustainability

La philosophie d'entreprise

Quality First - Quality is fun

Our motto "Quality First" lies at the heart of our corporate philosophy which is based on three pillars:

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  • "Quality", with respect to our product, our work and in dealing with our customers and colleagues.
  • "Fun", at work as well as enjoying our excellent working environment.
  • "Sustainability", e.g. economic success, social responsibility and ecological awareness.

QFS is an owner-managed, individual company with extensive expertise in the field of software test automation. For more than 15 years we act as competent and reliable partner, are committed to a customer-driven mindset and highly value integrity and authenticity. QFS emphasizes social and environmental responsibility both in their internal operations as well as their local or international activities.

Our guiding principles mean in detail:

  1. QFS's primary goal is to provide our customers a first-class product  »
    QF-Test is a powerful, comprehensive and mature tool with an exceptional depth of functionalities that has been continuously improved over the past 15 years in close cooperation with our customers. It can be employed very flexibly and runs reliably and stable. QF-Test is easy to install (also on several platforms), and very well documented in an understandable and detailed way. To our knowledge it is the only automated test tool that is offered also in German including a German Manual.
  2. QFS offers an excellent, customer-oriented service in all areas: support, consulting or sales »
    The customer comes first at QFS. A customer is not just a "number" but will be served in a very personal, fair and highly competent manner. Our supporters are also developers and have extensive technical knowledge and detailed product know-how.
  3. QFS values its exceptionally good working environment  »
    The outstanding working climate and good social interaction gains much praise from our staff and was named as a unique value proposition of our company in our recent employee satisfaction survey. They are fostered by an excellent communication culture and structure, positive and open conflict management and many enjoyable mutual business and even private activities.
  4. QFS appreciates and supports their employees who are highly competent, self-motivated and committed to the company  »  
    QFS employs people who not only bring a lot of specific expertise and know-how to the company, each one is also highly motivated, fully identifies with the company and agrees with our corporate philosophy. Our employees are involved, self-dependent and assume responsibility for their work and the overall success of the company. They appreciate the high degrees of freedom at QFS such as flexible work hours and home office, the flat hierarchies and the strong personal involvement of the managing directors.
  5. QFS performs well in all three areas of sustainability: economic success, social responsibility and ecological soundness  »
    Economic or technical sustainability is achieved through careful planning of our software development projects, aiming to bring highly mature products to the market. Important to QFS is also the social dimension of sustainability - treating our employees with responsibility and providing and maintaining social resources (education, culture, health). QFS is involved in social projects both locally and internationally (e.g., each year we give a fixed percentage of our gain as donations) and aims to continuously improve its environmental performance