Partenaires de Quality First Software GmbH

We are aiming at partnerships with other firms who not only offer products and service concerned with quality-assurance, but who have attached great value to the philosophy of quality just like we do.

Partenaires de consultation

You want to have support from QF-Test at your place? We have experienced partners in these countries - in the US we are actually searching for a partner:

Donat IT GmbH
    • DONAT IT GmbH Germany

      Donat IT GmbH, headquartered in Ingolstadt, is an it company which offers services for the entire software life cycle with main focus on efficiency, usability and flexibility.
      Our technology is always up-to-date and provides genuine advantages in the day to day challenges of our customers.
      We have beein working successfully with QF-Test for more than 10 years within test management, consulting, automation and research.
      Since then, we cooperate with QFS to further enhance QF-Test with our requirements out of our daily doing.
      Our consulting scope includes the integration of tools for automation and application lifecycle management systems into existing toolchains.
      This includes a self-devolped generator for testcases which are automatically created from a model, and which returns the results back into the model. This principle is called a central model.
      We also develop all required interfaces to connect automation tools like QF-Test to application life cycle management tools.


Imbus Software-Qualitätssicherung
    • imbus, Germany

      imbus is a German software company specializing in quality assurance. imbus offers consulting for process improvement, software test services, test outsourcing, test tools and training. With TestBench imbus provides an up-to-date integrated development environment for software tests that offers cross-platform tool support for all phases in the test process. A special integration of TestBench and QF-Test is available.
Logo Muth Partners GmbH
    • Muth Partners GmbH, Germany

      Muth Partners GmbH are an IT consulting company based in Wiesbaden. As a partner to their customers, they offer planning, management, design, implementation and quality assurance of software systems. With their know-how and project experience they build bridges between established and new technologies. Their department QPM's (Quality and Project Management) particular concern is software quality and based on years of experience, they - in addition to the coaching and the introduction of quality management systems and test tools - like to take the responsibility for quality management, test specification, test automation, load- / performance tests and review implementation in the customer IT projects. One of their products in this context is Q-Chess, the web-based quality management system for revision-safe administration of checklists and test records. In addition, they conduct training for ISTQB® Certified Tester; Muth Partners is accredited by the ISTQB® for several courses. QFS and Muth Partners share the common goal to assist customers effectively with continuous monitoring and improvement of their software quality. In practice, this is indicated by the preferred usage of QF-Test as test automation tool in projects at Muth Partners.
Logo Quality First Competence Center
    • Quality First Competence Center, Switzerland

      QFCC, Quality First Competence Center, is a close partner of QFS in Switzerland. QFCC provides competent training and consulting as well as test implementation for QF-Test. Long term experience helps customers to achieve a fast and effective start with the tool and the methodology of testing GUI applications.
Logo QF-Test Australia
    • QF-Test Australia, Australia

      QF-Test Australia is a close partner of QFS in Australia. QF-Test Australia is the antipodean partner to QFS for consultation on QF-Test throughout the Oceania region. With a wealth of experience working on a wide range of projects, the consultancy prides itself in providing examples of harnessing the many features of QF-Test to instill quality into the development process. QF-Test Australia have been working with QF-Test for almost 10 years and share QFS' goal of helping QF-Test users to retain their high standards of achieving best possible software quality.


    • Qnit, Germany

      Qnit is a team of experts in Software development passionate about quality assurance and customer service. We help our clients to not only meet their business requirements but to also increase business value of their products and projects. In times of digital transformation Qnit has a high focus on agility and automation. We naturally integrate Test Automation Tooling into the CI/CD pipeline, for example.
      Our team has been focussing on test automation in the java environment on QF-Test for more than 5 years. We have made positve experiences in resolver adaptions and data driven test automation approaches.

Partenaires de technologie

Logo Canoo
    • Canoo Engineering AG, Switzerland

      Canoo Engineering AG is a leading worldwide specialist for Rich Internet Applications (RIA), language analyzing software and search solutions. The Basel-based company has been a byword for durable and efficient web solutions in Swiss quality for over 11 years, and has customers in over 50 countries. Furthermore, Canoo has developed the RIA Suite, a powerful framework for web applications which is based on the UltraLightClient (ULC) technology. QF-Test supports the ULC as dedicated testing platform. Canoo uses QF-Test for test automation internally and in customer projects with ULC applications.
[Translate to French:] Logo CaptainCasa Enterprise Client
    • CaptainCasa Enterprise Client, Germany

      CaptainCasa Enterprise Client is a community-based Rich Client Solution. It's focussed to serve as frontend infrastructure for Enterprise Applications that are used by demanding users, expecting a high level of performance and interactivity. The frontend part of CaptainCasa is a generic Swing based client, the backend part is running within an JSF environment. - QF-Test can be directly used in order to build up automated testing for CaptainCasa based applications.
[Translate to French:] Logo HP
    • hp, Germany

      HP simplifies technology usage for their customers - from private customers up to major businesses. With offerings spanning printing, business and home computing, software, global services and IT infrastructure HP belongs to the largest IT companies worldwide. With Quality Center HP delivers a web-based application for all basic aspects of test management. It provides a consistent, reproducible process for defining requirements, for planning and scheduling of tests, for result analysis and error/issue tracking. A particular interface to QF-Test is available.
[Translate to French:] Logo Neoload
    • Neotys, France

      Since 2005, Neotys has helped companies in more than 60 countries ensure their applications’ reliability, performance and quality. Neotys is a leading innovator in load and performance testing solutions. In pioneering Continuous Performance Testing, Neotys enables Development, QA and IT Operations to quickly and efficiently test the quality and speed of their applications. From application component testing to system-wide testing, Neotys’ product NeoLoad provides end-to-end performance validation. More than 1,600 organizations globally have selected NeoLoad because it is Agile, easy to use and supports all RIA and Mobile technologies. All this is backed by a dedicated team of Neotys professional services, support, and an extensive partner network to ensure success. Beside the common focus for high software quality Neoload and QF-Test form a perfect tool combination for web load testing...and since 2005 Neotys is also customer of QFS :-) This integration is tested with the Performance Testing platform NeoLoad 6.1 and released for this version. With the Free-License of NeoLoad the integration can be evaluated. For using the Advanced Actions the option “Integrations & Advanced Usage” must be included in the license.
[Translate to French:] Logo SQS-Gruppe
    • SQS, Switzerland

      SQS is a leading international specialist for software quality. The success of this independent consultancy company with nearly 3000 employees worldwide is based on long-standing project experience and special knowledge gained in many diverse industry sectors. With SQS-TEST/Professional Suite SQS offers an extensive test management framework, covering everything from requirement management through test-case development and execution to integration of test-results into a comprehensive report system. As a specialized tool for GUI test automation QF-Test seamlessly interoperates with this system without special requirements for the integration.
[Translate to French:] Logo Vaadin
    • Vaadin, Finland

      Vaadin is a Rich Internet Application framework for building modern user interfaces in Server-side environment with Java. Vaadin allows developers to concentrate on getting their user interfaces done with a component and event based programming model while the framework handles the communication and rendering. Vaadin is closely coupled with Google Web Toolkit allowing the full performance of writing applications without having to cope with browser differences, HTML or JavaScript. Vaadin is also the name the open source product company, which is the largest of its kind in the Nordic countries. They provide professional support, expert services and training as well as various commercial Vaadin tools and components. Over the course of developing the Vaadin support in QF-Test we have established a loose technical partnership between QFS and Vaadin, based on the common goal to maintain and improve the interoperability of our software. Of the things Vaadin and QFS have in common, one stands out: In both cases support and consulting is handled by the same people that are developing the software resulting in an outstanding level of service.
[Translate to French:] Logo Verit Informationssysteme GmbH
    • verit Informationssysteme GmbH, Germany

      verit Informationssysteme GmbH is a software company with headquarter in Kaiserslautern. The company develops software in Java and Eclipse environment and specialist in software quality assurance. In addition, the company develops its own products for software quality assurance: PETA - a platform for effective test automation is a tool for software testers to create, manage and execute all automated tests. Klaros-Testmanagement is a Web application to organize and manage all test data in software development projects. Both products have been awarded by juries, and received IT Innovation Awards. PETA and Klaros-Testmanagement (a free Community Edition is available) can be used in almost every industry and can be adapted to many other tools and processes to adapt. The interface between QF-Test and Klaros-Testmanagement supports the import of QF-Test test results for further processing and evaluation. Thus, for example, they are evaluated according to customer desires and displayed graphically.
[Translate to French:] Logo WorNet AG
    • WorNet, Germany

      Our demand for quality and reliability also applies to our internet provider WorNet AG. Besides hosting our web-site, WorNet administrates our business critical servers and protects us with their individually configurable spam and virus filter SecuMail from the daily flood of annoying, time-killing spam and virus mails.
[Translate to French:] Logo ZK
    • ZK, Taiwan

      ZK is a highly productive open source Java framework for building amazing enterprise web applications in a quick, efficient and elegant manner without needing any knowledge on Ajax or JavaScript hiding complex coding in behind the scenes. ZK is an event-driven, component-based framework providing end to end solutions from UI design, development to testing and production. ZK includes an Ajax-based event-driven engine, a rich set of XML User Interface Language (XUL) and XHTML components, and a markup language called ZK User Interface Markup Language (ZUML/ZUL). With ZK, applications are represented in feature-rich XUL and XHTML components, and are manipulated based on events triggered by user activity similar to that of a desktop application. After implementing ZK support in QF-Test we presented it to the ZK team and were met with great technical understanding and encouragement. The resulting discussions led to an excellent cooperation at technical level from which QF-Test for zk has already profited, not least thanks to the outstanding technical documentation provided by the ZK team.


Logo CommendIT
    • CommendIT, Germany

      "Business needs confidence and integrity CommendIT is acting according to this motto, a group of IT-companies in and around Munich with different business focuses, that meet for regular exchange.
[Translate to French:] [Translate to English:] Logo Erfolgsfaktor Familie
    • Success factor family

      Quality First Software is member of the Success factor family  network, an initiative of Local Alliances for the Family together with the German Commercial and Industrial Chamber supported by the national ESF program "reconciliation of family and work life" of the European Union. At QFS family friendliness is a major issue and a fundamental part of the corporate philosophy.
    • Success factor family, Germany

      Quality First Software is member of the Success factor family  network, an initiative of Local Alliances for the Family together with the German Commercial and Industrial Chamber supported by the national ESF program "reconciliation of family and work life" of the European Union. At QFS family friendliness is a major issue and a fundamental part of the corporate philosophy.
Logo Wirtschaftsforum Oberland
    • WirtschaftsForum Oberland e.V., Germany

      WirtschaftsForum Oberland e.V. (Economic Forum Oberland, Registered Association) is the regional marketing initiative of the economic area Bad Tölz - Geretsried - Wolfratshausen. The association is aiming at intensifying the cooperation between companies, organizations and chambers and cities and county, thus generating new synergies. In addition, the public image of the economic area is meant to be optimized. The association has generated a concrete action group "Nachhaltiges Wirtschaften im Oberland" (Sustainable economic activities in the Oberland) and adopted the Benediktbeurer Nachhaltigkeitserklärung (Sustainability Declaration of Benediktbeuern, to which QFS has committed itself to as well.