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QF-Test articles
Press about QFS and QF-TESt

Lisez ce que la presse professionnelle et locale écrit sur QF-Test et nous.

QFS et QF‑Test dans la presse

QF-Test dans la presse specialisée

  • Rieth, Daniel and Dr. Bihler, Pascal (03.2019): "Web- and desktop application from one Code-Base - Testing Electron applications with QF-Test" (German PDF only)
  • Grebenstein, Kay, Javamagazin (11.2016): "The right test tool for JavaFX - The agony of choice" (German PDF only)
  • Huber, Robert, OBJEKTspektrum edition Agility (2016): "Hybrid Keyword-Driven Testing at Münchener Verein" (German PDF only).
  • Reiser, Michael, OBJEKTspektrum 5 (2015) : "Test automation for a standard software: Case study of a Swiss assurance company" (German PDF only).
  • Wolfgang Weigend, jaxenter.de (January 2015): "Automated Testing of JavaFX GUI Components" (PDF).
  • Andreas Kellerstrass, Magazin itc (3-4-2013): "Test automation for a highly parameterizable, business relevant standard software" (German PDF only).
  • Klaus P. Berg, javaspektrum.de (May 2011): "Load and performance testing of complex Java Swing applications" (German PDF only).
  • Chris Stanbridge, 18th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference, Sydney, Australia (October 2010): Retrospective Requirement Analysis Using Code Coverage of GUI Driven System Tests
  • Tim Kaufmann, Internet-Magazine (2-2009): "Product rating: QF-Test result excellent" (PDF)
  • David Harrison, Testing Experience Magazine (December 2009): "Test Automation - Salutations to the World" (PDF).
  • David Harrison, Testing Experience Magazine (June 2009):  "Project-Based Test Automation" (PDF).
  • Benjamin Franke, javaspektrum.de (February 2009): "The high art of GUI-driven Testautomatisation" (German PDF only).
  • Markus Stäuble, Eclipse Magazin (January 2009): "Automated control analysis for RCP - QF-Test/swt: Commercial tool for automated SWT-tests" (German PDF only).
  • Mark Michaelis, Testing Experience Magazine (December 2008): "Boon and Bane of GUI Test Automation" (PDF).
  • Hase, Michael, Computer Reseller News (October 2006): "New solution in automated software testing" (German version only)
  • Elke and Michael Niedermair, Java Magazine 6 (2006): "Tool-Radar" (German PDF only).
  • Elke and Michael Niedermair, JavaSPEKTRUM 5 (2005): "Java-GUI-Tests with qftestJUI" (PDF).
  • Christian Glatschke, JavaSPEKTRUM 6 (2004): "Java Swing GUI Tests" (German PDF only).

Les Presentations sur QF‑Test

  • Schweier, Dirk (2018): Synergies of test automation and load tests (German PDF only)
  • Bihler, Pascal (2017): It works, but does it work the way it should? (German PDF only)
  • Klaffke, Fabian (2017): Keyword-driven testing and variant management – practical experience with Klaros-Testmanagement and QF-Test (German PDF only)
  • Bihler, Pascal (2015): A look behind the scenes of Java GUI test automation (German PDF only)
  • Moser, Martin (2013): Dynamic GUIS and stable GUI Tests - How does that work? (German PDF only)
  • Moser, Martin (2010): Preventing Bananaware: Test automation from a user's perspective for RCP applications (PDF)
  • Moser, Martin (2010): Stable GUI Tests by usw of a modular Testing Architecture (German PDF only)
  • Moser, Martin (2009): GUI Test Automation - How to do it (German PDF only)
  • Moser, Martin (2008): Preventing Bananaware - Java GUI Test Automation (German PDF only)
  • Moser, Martin (2007): When does GUI test automation pay off?... and what developers can do about it (German PDF only)
  • Moser, Martin and Schmid, Gregor (2007): When does automation of GUI testing pay off? (PDF)
  • Schmid, Gregor and Schmeißner, Frank (2006): When does test automation pay off? (German PDF only)
  • Schmid Gregor (2005): Write Once, Test Everywhere! - When does Java GUI test automation pay off? (German PDF only)
  • Schmid, Gregor (2005): Write Once, Test Everywhere! - The Challenge of Cross Platform GUI Test Automation (PDF)
  • Schmid, Gregor (2004): Automation of Functional GUI Tests for Java Applications with qftestJUI (PDF)

La presse locale sur QFS et QF‑Test

  • Münchner Merkur (Mai 2019): "Bester Arbeitgeber" (German Article only)
  • Schäl, Wolfgang, Süddeutsche Zeitung (November 2017): Award - Against the cold - Company QFS from Geretsried receives Dörte-Sambraus-Award (German Article only).
  • Hermsdorf-Hiss, Sabine, Münchner Merkur (November 2017): Dörte-Sambraus-Award - Software company with heart (German Article only) and Dörte-Sambraus-Award - Doing good with five percent (German Article only)
  • Local press conference (May 2013): QFS as an outstanding example for sustainable economy. (German PDF only).
  • Company portrait, Journal "wirtschaft" of IHK ( June 2012): "Family-friendly policies has lots of advantages" (German PDF only).
  • Elfriede Kerschl, IHK Magazin (4-2010): "To make them come and stay" (German PDF only).
  • Isar-Kurier (August 2010): "Quality control worldwide - made in Geretsried" (German PDF only).
  • Doris Nejedly, Isar-Loisachbote (September 2010): A dream for employees - QFS receives regional business prize for reconcilability of job and family (German PDF only) .
  • Company portrait, Münchner Merkur and Süddeutsche Zeitung (July 2009): Excellent test software and afternoon nap - Practiced social and ecological values in a high-tech company in Geretsried (German PDF only).

Nos communiqués de presse

Besides our press releases the pages News, Release Notes and Training & Consulting are also very useful. 

  • Quality First Software GmbH wins first prize in competition “Bavaria’s best employers” in category under 50 employees at GPtW Bavaris (2018) (PDF)

  • QFS is a Great Place to Work: No.1 of the German IT companies category under 50 employees at GPtW (2018) (PDF)
  • QFS and Neotys: new international partnership for load tests of web applications - QF-Test (of QFS) and Neoload (of Neotys): a tool wedding with the perfect witness Muth Partners (2017) (PDF).
  • Quality prevails: the 1000th customer (afb) for the proven test tool from QFS (2015) (PDF).
  • hsp trusts in well established technology from QFS: QF-Test helps hsp to examine the various aspects of GUI usability of their e-balance tool Opti.Tax for their customers reliably (2013) (German PDF only).
  • Testing of Web: now also supported for PrimeFaces, ZK and RAP 2 (2013) (PDF).
  • Testing of Web: finally AJAX toolkit-independent (2012) (PDF).
  • QFS and QMetry announce Technology and Distribution partnership - Agreement enables companies to offer products through Technology integrations: Partnership of QFS and QMetry (2012) (PDF).
  • Improved software test automation: QFS and Qualisystems proudly present their tool integration (2010) (PDF).
  • QF-Test 3.2: Professional GUI testing of Java and Web - now also for web sites with embedded applets and for Eclipse/SWT 3.6 including GEF (2010) (PDF).
  • Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications secured and tested: Excelsior and QFS proudly present their tool combination at EclipseCon (2010) (PDF).