Quality First Software GmbH gagne deux prix à Great Place to Work

Also in 2019 this headline is correct. On March 19, 2019 the results were announced in Munich by the Great Place Work Institute. QFS is one of the top leagues of the best ITK employers in Germany. The Geretsried-based company is proud to have repeated the success of 2018, when it reached first place as a newcomer in the category of companies up to 50 employees. Delighted and proud Plamen Vesselinov and Dr. Martina Schmid received the award.

We won gold as well in the competition "Great Place to Work Bavaria". The ceremony took place on April 03, 2019 in a big conference center in Munich's city. Michael Höber and Claudia Baur represented the company there. We were awarded as best company of all firms in Bavaria with less than 50 employees.

Great Place to Work: QFS - here Plamen Vesselinov and Dr. Martina Schmid -  wins in the category ITC 2019
Great Place to Work (IT in Germany 2019): Plamen Veselinov and Dr. Martina Schmid receive the prize
All winners of Great Place to Work Bavaria of small companies with less than 50 employees (2019)
Great Place to Work Dice

Germany’s best employers in ITC 2018:

Place 1 in category „small“ IT company for QFS from Geretsried

[Translate to French:] Logo Great Place to Work ITC 2018

“Quality First Software” participated for the first time in the nationwide competition “Great Place to Work” (GPTW). QSF was among 32 companies that were awarded out of 116 participants. This information had reached QFS before the award ceremony on March 20, 2018. QFS competed in the category of companies with less than 50 employees.

The two QFS representatives Dr. Martina Schmid and Thomas Max were really surprised that they even won the first price of this category. They were very happy and also excited when standing on stage and told about QFS: The host and managing director of GPTW Andreas Schubert wanted to know: How can a company with two home office days be worldwide successful? How can knowledge be shared? How works team work? Family before job is one of the values of this attractive employer.

1. place great place to work prize awarding to QFS representatives
The surprised winners: Dr. Martina Schmid and Thomas Max

The organizers GPTW, Computerwoche, Bitkom e.V. and IDG Business Media GmbH presented the award ceremony in Munich with many exciting practical examples of the present IT industry like the “CWO” Chief Weißwurst Officer of a further winner.

The valuation basis of this competition was an anonymous detailed employees’ survey regarding central workplace subjects as

  • trust in leaders
  • quality of cooperation
  • appreciation
  • identification with the company
  • career opportunities
  • remuneration,
  • health promotion
  • work-life-balance

Furthermore the management had to explain extensively the company culture as communication, values, teamwork up to the company’s social commitment etc. besides the core business. The result of both international proven instruments were weighted 2:1, this means the employees’ valuation us central. “To put in a nutshell I can say, here is a good workplace”, say 100% of the QFS employees. The managing directors are proud of this trust as incentive to maintain and develop this special company culture with the employees further.

Certificate QFS Great Place to Work 1. place
Award QFS Great Place to Work 1. place

Answers from Quality First Software

A further step was made in 2017 with a One-day-workshop with Mr. Hipping.

Great Place to Work® dimensions

[Translate to French:] [Translate to English:] Übersicht Great Place to Work Dimensionen
CredibilityRespectFairnessPrideTeam spirit
Managers keep in the loopOffers of professional training and developmentAppropriate RemunerationOwn work as important contributionI can be myself.
Managers show their expectationsAppreciation of of good work performanceNo preference of single workersProud of joint performanceNew employees feel welcome.
Competent managersInclusion of employees in desicionsFair dealing with complaintsEmployees like coming to workSentiment of "family" or good team spirit
From words to deedsEncouraging of Life-BalanceSatisfied with firm's contribution to society
Interest in person, not only work force

Ranking within the industry comparison & overall impression

"Quality First Software GmbH attaches importance to an employee centered work place culture. This begins already when employing new workers and giving them a Welcome School Cone. Reconciliation of family and work is important too that always a spontaneous solution will be found e.g. home office, bringing the child or dog to work when organizational difficulties occur. Fun is crucial and even part of QFS’s guiding principles as e.g. playing table soccer. All things considered a great culture audit what shows an excellent work place culture and atmosphere within the company. Keep it up!" Overall conclusion of Great Place to Work

[Translate to French:] Overview excellent work place culture

Quality First Software GmbH is No.1 in competition „Bavaria's best employers 2018“

[Translate to French:] Great Place to Work: Best employers of Bavaria
[Translate to French:] Great Place to Work award Bavaria

Yesterday the IT company Quality First Software GmbH (QFS) won the first prize „Bavaria’s best employers 2018“ (Company size 10-50 employees). The prize giving ceremony by “Great Place to Work” was the highlight of the “Congress IT 2018 – Leadership 4.0 between disruption and continuity” on the 25th of April 2018 held by the baymevbm (Bavarian Employers’ Association).

[Translate to French:] Representatives of QFS

The Managing director Karlheinz Kellerer (on the right) and Michael Höber received the prize. On stage they got the possibility to tell about specialties like the possibility to have a nap in the company. “At QFS the managers have their nap during lunch time”, explained Mr. Kellerer. “And during the rest of the day?”, asked someone from the audience. This offer is available for all employees of course.

[Translate to French:] All winner companies under 50 employees
[Translate to French:] Congress IT 2018 – Leadership 4.0 between disruption and continuity and Great Place to Work

At the same time in the castle of Dachau the managing director Dr. Martina Schmid stood on stage at the annual general assembly of commedIT ( a network of upper Bavarian IT managers) and was asked “What are you doing differently and apparently better than others?” Instead of the company name “Quality First” here the expression “Family First” would be better due to two days of homeoffice, playing table soccer, having lunch together once a week paid by the company and free nursery school. Then some people from the audience applied spontaneously. 

About Great Place to Work®

Great Place to Work® is an international network and research network that supports companies in about 50 countries worldwide designing an employee centered company culture. Building of trust, excitement and team spirit take center stage. The German Great Place to Work® institute was founded in 2002 and employs about 90 employees in Cologne. Further information: www.greatplacetowork.de