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Product Support

QFS offers annual maintenance including support and upgrades for QF-Test based on our Software Maintenance Agreement (PDF version).
For on-site support, consulting and training as well as webinars please see Training and Consulting instead.

Maintenance including support and upgrades

With our Software Maintenance Agreement we are offering an all inclusive package on a yearly basis, including email and telephone support as well as all kinds of upgrades. Even major upgrades are included. For detailed terms and conditions, please see the Software Maintenance Agreement (PDF version).

Maintenance base price can be found at our Prices page. Please contact us to receive a specific pricing calculation fitting your requirements and containing possible discounts e.g. due to multiple licenses or GUI Technologies and existing licenses with maintenance subscriptions in your company.

QF-Test Support

Further Resources

In general you can mail in bug reports and feature requests anytime without a maintenance agreement. We will do what we can to handle these, but there is no guarantee that you will receive an answer.

Mailing list / Forum:

Questions of a general nature should be asked on the mailing list qftest-list@qfs.de which serves as forum for QF-Test users. Answers on the mailing list will reach a wide audience and the information is automatically stored in the archive, so everybody will profit. Please visit the Mailing List / Forum page for subscription and other information.

Where to send mail:

Request type Mail address Response
Technical questions: Customers with valid maintenance only priority-support@qfs.de Technical help. Response as specified in the Software Maintenance Agreement.
Technical questions: During your evaluation period only support@qfs.de Technical help. In case you want to ask questions to the community, please use the mailing list option below.
Technical questions, feature requests: To the community via the mailing list qftest-list@qfs.de Partly depends on the mailing list users. We also read and answer questions on the list. Please be aware you are addressing a wide audience, so make sure your inquiry is of general interest. Don't forget to check the list archive for already available answers first.
Questions about licensing, support or pricing sales@qfs.de Quotation, etc.
Bug reports qftest-bug@qfs.de Acknowledgment