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Prices of QF-Test

No need to pay for things you don't need!

Freely decide which technologies you need from the available options Swing, JavaFX, SWT and Web.
All licenses purchased are perpetual and floating.
Progressive discounts apply when purchasing multiple licenses or technologies.

We offer developer and runtime licenses, with and without maintenance. Besides purchasing licenses, leasing is also possible. For an efficient start we recommend training and/or consulting.

Please get in touch to receive a quote with the best price for your requirements. Discounts may apply due to multiple licenses or GUI Technologies or in case of existing licenses with maintenance subscriptions in your company.

QF-Test Product variants
Developer license
One GUI technology included, extendable as needed.
Perpetual and floating license for test creation, execution and debugging.
Base price  1,995 
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GUI technology extensions
Add support for additional GUI technologies.
Purchase now or later on demand.
Base price     500 
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Maintenance and support
Annual subscription for all kinds of updates and support.
Technical help via phone and email.
Obligatory for initial license purchase.
Base price     480 
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Runtime license
One GUI technology included, extendable as needed.
Perpetual and floating license for test execution and debugging.
Substantial volume discounts for load testing.
Base price     995 
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This commercial offer exclusively addresses business customers. Prices are quoted in EUR (€) exclusive of tax and are subject to change without notice. Please follow this link to the Yahoo! Currency Converter to see how much it will be in your currency.

Licenses for QF-Test are available exclusively at the terms and conditions stated in our License Agreement (PDF version).

Maintenance and support is available exclusively at the terms and conditions stated in our Software Maintenance Agreement (PDF version).

Training and individual consulting at QFS, on-site and via webinar is available as described on our Training page.

Calculation examples

1 developer license for JavaFX testing (QF-Test/fx) including one year maintenance
⇒ 1,995 € + 480 € = 2,475 €

1 developer license for Java SWT and Web testing (QF-Test/swt+web) including one year maintenance
⇒ 2,495 € + 600 € = 3,095 €

2 developer licenses for Java Swing, JavaFX and Web testing (QF-Test/swing+fx+web) including one year maintenance
⇒ 2 * 2,690 € + 1,205 € = 6,585 €

Please contact our sales team via +49 8171 386 48-0 or sales@qfs.de to get the detailed price and a formal quotation for your specific needs.

GUI Technologies

You can choose which GUI technology support you need and want to buy. Licenses can be extended by additional GUI technologies at any time later.

The four GUI technologies available for QF-Test allow testing the following systems:

Swing: Java applications based on the Swing GUI Toolkit. This is the traditional GUI toolkit that comes with every Java version from Oracle. QF-Test has continuously supported this toolkit since it's very beginning in 1999. Special RIA (Rich Internet Application) variants like Java applets and WebStart can also be handled. Test for hybrid applications with Swing and JavaFX, Swing and SWT or Swing and Web, the latter with an embedded JxBrowser 4 component, are possible, given the respective license for QF-Test/swing+fx, QF-Test/swing+swt or QF-Test/swing+web.

JavaFX: JavaFX is the successor of Swing and an integral part of Java 8. QF-Test provides advanced testing support for JavaFX including complex components like trees and tables. Hybrid Java and Web applications using the JavaFX WebView component can be tested seamlessly and the combinations of JavaFX and Swing or JavaFX and SWT are also possible, given the respective license for QF-Test/fx+web, QF-Test/swing+fx or QF-Test/fx+swt.

SWT: Java applications based on the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), including Eclipse plug-ins and the Rich Client Platform (RCP). QF-Test has continuously provided support for this toolkit since 2008. An important feature is automatic naming of RCP objects for stable and reliable component recognition. Included is support for some special components like ktable or some of the tables from the Nebula project.

Web: Web applications in a browser, i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome can be easily tested. Real cross-browser testing is possible thanks to the deep integration of QF-Test with the respective browser engines. Besides testing static HTML pages (including HTML5), innovative support is also provided for dynamic pages and several AJAX toolkits, including GWT, ExtGWT, ExtJS, ICEfaces, jQuery UI, jQuery EasyUI, PrimeFaces, RAP, Qooxdoo, RichFaces, Vaadin and ZK. QF-Test drastically reduces testing complexity of those pages by mapping abstract objects to logical GUI classes.

Testing support for multiple GUI technologies - even combined in hybrid applications - can be composed in QF-Test licenses, e.g QF-Test/swing+web or QF-Test/swing+fx+swt+web.