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Evaluation and Customer Reports

This page contains evaluation and customer reports kindly provided by interested parties.
Please note that these are individual assessments, that software products are subject to change during passing time and that each report refers to a particular application.

More customer experiences can be found on our Evalimonials, Trainimonials and Case studies pages.

Evaluation reports
Practical example: Through positive longterm experience with QF-Test PPI has been successfully established keyword and data-driven test automation for an RCP application framework at Talanx, a global B2B Insurance Group (German PDF Version), May 2014 - Jörg Paelke, PPI AG Informationstechnologie, Hamburg for Talanx AG, Hannover, Germany
What QF-Test means for us regarding ROI (PDF Version), July 2010 - Denis Gaulthier, Thales Australia, Melbourne, Australia.
Capture-Replay Regression Testing in Eclipse RCP (Blog posting), October 2009 - Christoph Schmidt, ubigrate GmbH, Dresden, Germany.
Why we chose QF-Test over Squish (PDF Version), July 2009 - Logan White Stack, R.J. Lee Group, Monroeville, USA.
Evaluation of GUI Test Tools for Java Swing Applications (PDF Version), July 2009 - Klaus Berg, Siemens Corporate Technology, Munich, Germany.
Web-Test-Automation: Selenium vs. Windmill vs. QF-Test (PDF Version), July 2009 - Mark Michaelis, CoreMedia, Germany.
Evaluation of GUI Test Tools für Java Swing: QFS QF-Test, Borland SilkTest, Froglogic Squish and Marathon ( PDF Version), November 2007 - O. Krapp, M.Besemer, SBE network solutions GmbH, Heilbronn, Germany.
Evaluation of QF-Test/qftestJUI at CoreMedia (PDF Version), January 2006 - Mark Michaelis, CoreMedia, Germany.
See also a case study of the same author.