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Download and Installation

Free evaluation

The version of QF-Test provided here for download is the full, commercial version. An extensive manual and a learning-by-doing tutorial in both English and German is enclosed with the software and also available online (manual, tutorial).



Without registering you can run the demos, work through the tutorial and test whether QF-Test works with your own software with the following restrictions:

Test-suites cannot be saved.
Only those test-suites provided with QF-Test can be loaded.

To enable all features for a full evaluation, new users should request an evaluation license.

Upgrading an old license

If you already have a valid commerical or evaluation license for an older QF-Test version, please proceed as follows to obtain a license upgrade:

Download and install QF-Test as described below. It can be installed parallel to your old installation. Make a backup copy of your old license and install it so that QF-Test will pick it up.
When you start QF-Test it checks the validity of your license. If you need to upgrade, click the "Request update" button to bring up your browser with a license upgrade form. Please fill in and submit the form. Please make sure that you provide a correct email address.


The latest stable version of QF-Test is 4.0.11 (release notes). For background information about the QF-Test versioning scheme, please see The life-cycle of a QF-Test version.

A choice of three packages is available for the installation of QF-Test. All of these contain support for all avaialble GUI technologies, just your license determines which you are allowed to test. Please see the Prices and License Types pages for further details.

Package Type File
An executable setup file for Windows only qftest-4.0.11.exe (205.0 MB)
A tar archive for Unix only qftest-4.0.11.tar.gz (188.3 MB)
A zip archive for both Windows and Unix (experts only) qftest-4.0.11.zip (291.8 MB)

Old production versions

QF-Test 3.5.7
QF-Test 3.4.14
QF-Test 3.2.2
QF-Test 3.0.3
QF-Test 2.2.4
QF-Test 2.0.5
qftestJUI 1.08.6

Windows installation

On Windows you can install QF-Test using either the Windows specific qftest-x.y.z.exe or the archive qftest-x.y.z.zip.

Installing QF-Test from qftest-x.y.z.exe follows the standard setup procedures for Windows. You will be asked to accept the license agreement and select the root directory for QF-Test. When upgrading to a new version, make sure you select the same directory again (this will be the default).

To install QF-Test from the qftest-x.y.z.zip archive, first extract the archive in a convenient place. The default location is C:\Program Files\qfs. This will create a directory called qftest which we will refer to as the root directory of QF-Test. When the qftest product family grows, this directory will become the home for other products as well. After extracting the archive, run the executable file called setup.exe in the version-specific directory qftest-x.y.z under QF-Test's root directory. This will take you through the same setup steps as qftest-x.y.z.exe, except that no files will be extracted. If you later want to uninstall QF-Test, you'll have to remove its files by hand after running the uninstaller.

Note: Make sure that you select QF-Test's root directory as the target directory for the setup.

When finished, the setup program will offer to configure the Java program for QF-Test as well as the default language. To find out more about the installation process, refer to the installation section in QF-Test's user manual under the directory qftest-x.y.z/doc/manual.

Unix installation

First select a convenient directory that will hold this release of QF-Test as well as future updates. Common choices are /opt or /usr/local. Make sure you have write access to this directory and change to it. When upgrading to a new QF-Test version, use the same directory again.

Unpack either the .zip archive with unzip qftest-x.y.z.zip or the .tar.gz archive with tar xfzv qftest-x.y.z.tar.gz. This will create a directory named qftest. We will refer to this directory as the main or root directory of QF-Test. When the qftest product family grows, this directory will become the home for other products as well.

After unpacking a QF-Test archive for the first time, QF-Test's root directory will hold only the version-specific subdirectory qftest-x.y.z. When upgrading, a new subdirectory for the current version will be added.

To finish the installation, change to the specific directory for the current QF-Test version with cd qftest/qftest-x.y.z and run one of the two setup scripts provided. setup.sh is a plain Bourne shell script while setup.ksh is written for the Korn shell. On Solaris you must run ./setup.ksh. On other Unix systems both scripts should work equally well but the Bourne shell version ./setup.sh is preferred.

After installing QF-Test, make sure to read the user manual and the tutorial, both of which are available in HTML and PDF versions under the directory qftest-x.y.z/doc.

The License file

You may have a commercial or an evaluation license.

Since QF-Test 4.0 it is possible to activate or update your license directly by use of the "Help->Update license..." menu action. Of course the traditional way as described below is also still valid.

The license file is sent via email and named license without any extension. The file is the same for all operating systems.
Unfortunately some mail clients try to guess the file type and add an extension on their own.
What you need to do with this file is to put it into the root directory of your QF-Test installation (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\qfs\qftest) and rename it to license without any extensions, if necessary.

When you restart QF-Test the new license will be detected automatically and the program is meant to start up without respective notification dialogs. You can verify the installed license data via the "Help->Info" menu action at any time.

When upgrading to a new QF-Test version you can simply keep the license file provided that it is valid for the new version.