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Testing adcubum SYRIUS insurance software
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SYRIUS + QF-Test = 
Error-free software for the execution of your core operations

Testing adcubum SYRIUS with QF-Test

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More about adcubum SYRIUS.

adcubum is testing its software SYRIUS for 15 years with the test automation tool QF-Test.

Our consultants have lots of experience in testing the insurance software adcubum SYRIUS. QF-Test is the tool for several customers of adcubum and QFS.

Typical application of QF-Test for adcubum SYRIUS

  • Coverage of the core operations of an insurance e.g. offers, policies, claims settlement, collections/disbursement etc.
  • The principle "parametrize instead of programming" of this Java based Software for agile implementation of customer requirements. Here is where QF-Test comes into play.
  • Easy integration of QF-Test with TestBench (test management tool).

⇒ High test coverage of your acutally used adcubum SYRIUS version via regression tests.

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Matthias Summer, Adcubum AG, Switzerland:

We utilize QF-Test in several customer specific project and can raise the quality of our software Adcubum Syrius a lot.

Do you want to test your adcubum SYRIUS insurance software as well?

Then try QF-Test for the qualiy assurance of your adcubum SYRIUS insurance software!

The technology used by QF-Test is QF-Test/swing or QF-Test/fx, depending on which adcubum SYRIUS version you want to test.

Just contact us via  +49 8171 38648-10 or qfs@remove-this.qfs.de to make an appointment for a demo webinar with one of our experienced experts.

Check it out for yourself:

QFS has a lot of satisfied clients of the insurance industry in general and very special at adcubum SYRIUS and their customers.

Make sure that business-critical processes are handled properly and the risk of an error in your insurance software is minimized.

  • Evaluation reports to look up
  • Free download of QF-Test and free trial license, fully functional, for 4 weeks

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