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Ute Erler, QF-Test trainer

I often hear: A half week QF‑Test training is worth a lifetime of trial and error.

Ute Erler,
Sr. Consultant & Trainer

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Experiences of Training participants

Aarcha Kulkarni, Software QA Analyst, eyelit Inc., Ontario, Canada:

Thank you very much for so informative training. There is so much value and information addition to the topics that my team and I knew before in addition to lot of topics covered were new.

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Jeff Hassell, Director - Software Quality Assurance, FlowJo LLC, Ashland, USA:

I would like you to know that we really had an excellent week with Martin - he is a consummate technical professional, organized, respectful, kind, adaptive, patient, passionate and expert in the topic of QF-Test. The training was planned out ahead of time, well presented, and extremely helpful to my team and myself - I realized that I had only just scratched the surface of the capabilities of QF-Test, and Martin sparked insight and learning far beyond what we would have achieved through our own self-guided exploration. Martin left the team with a solid start to realizing my expressed goal of automating our extensive manual regression test suites on our FlowJo product.  In a single word - Ausgezeichnet!!

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Boris Basic, LT Test Service Center, Suva, Luzern, Switzerland:

Thanks to the very competent training session we are now prepared for a speedy start with QF-Test.

Jörg Riebschläger, innovas GmbH, Cologne, Germany:

Thank you very much again for the pleasant and informative training. Your training was an eye-opener for everyone. We took along some tips & tricks once more. I would take part again in this seminar, if I had to decide again.

Heidi Klade, eMundo GmbH, Koppl near Salzburg, Austria:

I could really learn a lot in this training. On the one hand trust in the tests that they cover a lot. Just today we could prevent the release with a big bug, because the tests detected it. The trust in the tests is growing in the company.

Olga Iluta, QA Manager, Interfacing Technologies Corporation, Montreal, Canada:

Training was very helpful - good structure and content also good supporting documentation with examples. Our trainer Martin is very knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions, even more specific ones - that was much appreciated.
I was working with QF-Test for the last 2 months and as a result a lot of subjects were already familiar to me before training. But even for those subjects, training gave me more overview - helped me to fit pieces together. Also for each functionality I was already using, Martin showed us a more efficient way to use it (some specific combinations of parameters).
Training would have been even more helpful for me if I would have attended it after max 2-4 weeks of using QF-Test. This way I would have progressed more rapidly in my project.

Devi Gantakolla, QA manager, Compiere, Inc., Redwood Shores, USA:

I liked the webinar training very much mostly for the tailored use. For me, I have 10 years of automation tool experience. I can mostly get around the tools and hence with QFS, I was able to get the basic training myself. I really needed the advanced topics. And most of all due to budget issues on our end, this tailored topic webinar training was the best.

Martin Moser when trainings still took place in the QFS-office
At QF-day attentive audience
At QF-day

from a several hundred trainings:

  • The training has fully met my expectations and was (as always) perfect.
  • Support during exercises great. Handled all of our queries and often explained them with examples.
  • Coach addressed the issues in our application very competently :-).
  • The time for such an interesting topic as QFS should be at least 5 days, one day in which you can try something alone. Rest was awesome. Thank you.
  • Would have been very difficult as autodidactic attempt. Good foundation to work on own test system. Very good overview.
  • Very good training, thank you very much.
  • I liked the successful addressing of specific issues from our side very much!
  • I have enjoyed the training as a whole. Although the subject was extensive, it was well-structured. The individual exercises on the subject previously treated were very helpful as we could apply things learned immediately.
  • Important hints on what to look out for when using with QF-Test needs and how problems can be handled during testing.
  • Through this training I was introduced very well to the QF software.
  • I learned more than I expected and I liked the teaching style.

Training- and webinar dates can be found on the support pages, you can also fix individual dates.

(Original German citations are translated into English.)

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