Regression testing with QF-Test

Test automation is indispensable for regression testing and agility:

  • Regular test repetitions, in short cycles, complete tests, without additional personnel and hardware costs and "human factors"
  • Ensurance of stability and functionality of the software to be tested after code modifications and avoidance of side effects
  • Shorter release cycles via steady test execution and fast feedback (for developers, testers, management)
  • Ensurance of quality of the application (detection of bugs before delivery..), avoiding high follow-up costs and harm to the image
  • Trust in the application, the tested functionalities work (up to the proof to the customers by reports of these close-meshed tests)

Test automation is a necessity for agile software development

Test automation: Necessity for agil software development

More advantages of regression testing with QF-Test

  • Test of the whole system through the graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Easy test case creation and robust recognition of the graphical components
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Easily to be integrated from the beginning of development
  • Is made for developers and testers
  • Expandability and adaptability to your application
  • Regression testing is the core of our "Quality First"- philosophy for best possible quality of the software
  • further QF-Test Features

Check it out for yourself:

  • Checklist to review your requirements and to compare QF-Test with other automated testing tools
  • Evaluation reports to look up
  • Try for free with the trial license, fully functional, for 4 weeks

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