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Uwe Klüh, Sr. Sales Manager, QFS


The Demo Application [5 min]

The SUT for the advanced tutorial is an application called JCarConfigurator. It allows the user to calculate prices for cars. Here is a list of features the application should cover:

  • Select a model of a car and calculate the base price.
  • Assign some specific accessories to the selected car.
  • Collect several accessories as a special model.
  • Grant discount on the final price.
  • Create a new car model.
  • Create a new accessory.
  • Create a new special model.

You can start the JCarConfigurator either via qftest-4.2.0-dev/demo/carconfig/CarConfig.cmd on Windows or qftest-4.2.0-dev/demo/carconfig/CarConfig.sh on Unix systems.

Note You have to pass a parameter en to the script call to run the SUT in English. Here is a screen shot of the main-window:

Figure 17.1:  The main window of the JCarConfigurator

Note The JCarConfigurator is small and implemented in Java/Swing, but the concepts of testing this application are the same than testing a huge application in any technology QF-Test supports.

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