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Release Notes

Controlling and testing native Windows applications

At the moment QF-Test primarily supports functional testing of Java and Web applications. We are working on a comparable module for testing native Windows applications with equivalent processes and features. The module described in this chapter provides a temporary solution when simple control of native Windows applications is required during testing of process flow across Java, Web and Windows applications.

The module allows control of native Windows GUI elements via Microsoft's UI Automation interface. It can trigger actions and check certain values. The interface is described on

Procedures in the standard library qfs.qft wrap the methods of the module most frequently required.

It is not possible to record actions or checks directly (capturing). The parameters identifying a GUI object need to be determined and then be passed to the respective procedure.

Actions are replayed via 'hard' system events mainly. This results in a different replay behavior than you are used to with QF-Test for Java or web applications.

Despite these restrictions the module can be very helpful for simple testing and controlling tasks on native Windows applications.