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Martina Schmid, QFS Director

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Martina Schmid,
QFS Director

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Release Notes

Behavior-driven testing (BDT)

Besides the traditional concept of keyword-driven testing a second concept called Behavior-driven testing (BDT) is widely being used. Using this approach allows testers to describe test-cases more or less in continuous text and sentences. But the tester needs to follow a predefined vocabulary at the beginning of the sentence. Test-cases described like this can be more readable for persons without any knowledge of the test-cases. Test-cases can be described from a technical perspective (see subsection 23.4.1) or from a business perspective (see subsection 23.4.2) like in keyword driven testing. You find samples for both variants in the following sections.

Behavior-Driven Testing (BDT) from technical perspective
Behavior-Driven Testing (BDT) from business perspective
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