Usage of an Android emulator
  • Select first option "Launch and connect to an Android emulator".

    Figure 16.9:  Quickstart wizard screen to select the emulate as test device
  • Select the AVD from the first drop-down list. Press "Refresh" in case no AVD is visible. If it is still not visible also try to restart QF-Test in order to make the AVD visible. Then press "Next".

    Figure 16.10:  Quickstart wizard screen to select the AVD
  • As the next step you may want to specify the Android APK file you want to test. If you want to test an App already installed, leave it empty.

    Figure 16.11:  Quickstart wizard screen to select an APK
  • In the next step you can specify a client name and press "Next" or "Finish" to finalize the Wizard.

    Figure 16.12:  Quickstart wizard screen to specify the client name
  • As a result, a Setup sequence will be created in the "Extras" node of your test-suite. It should be pretty much self explanatory and also contains the hint, that in this early access phase the qfsandroid.qft suite is needed for this setup sequence to run successfully. A resepective include has been added automatically.

    Figure 16.13:  Android setup sequence created by the quickstart wizard
  • When executing the Setup sequence, the emulator window is supposed to appear and in case you have provided an APK file to be started, the same should be visible there. Also the Record button is supposed to become active in order to indicate an established connection.

    Figure 16.14:  Android emulator window