For information on the usage of the component class with a SmartID please have a look at SmartID syntax for 'Class name'.

The classes contained in the option are: Accordion, Button, Calendar, CheckBox, Closer, ColorPicker, ComboBox, ComboButton, ComboField, Dialog, ErrorIndicator, Graphics, Icon, Indicator, Label, Link, List, Maximizer, Menu, MenuItem, Minimizer, OptionGroup, Panel:TitledPanel, PanelTitle, ProgressBar, RadioButton, Restore, Sizer, Slider, Spinner, Table, TabPanel, Text, TextArea, TextField, ToggleButton, ToolBarItem, ToolTip, Tree, TreeTable, Window.

You can change the classes via a SUT script specifying all the required classes as a comma separated list of class names in a string, for example:

rc.setOption(Options.OPT_SMARTID_SMART_COMPONENT_CLASSES, "Button,TextField")
Example 45.1:  Setting the option OPT_SMARTID_SMART_COMPONENT_CLASSES

Only the specified classes (Button and TextField) need not be specified in the SmartID. So if you want to extend above list, you have to specify all mentioned classes plus the additional classes you need.