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Re: [QF-Test] Mouse events with QF-Test

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] Mouse events with QF-Test
  • From: BENHAROUS Cedric <cedric.benharous@?.com>
  • Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2017 14:02:11 +0200
  • Delivered-to: qftest-list@?.net

Hi all,

We are on the right track.
First off, we implemented the second solution, as it would be easier to maintain.

To be as precise, we are trying move the mouse inside a component (called "comp") according to the content of a JLabel  (called "coordLabelComp", which contains coordinates of some type).

Here is a Jython snippet :


from java.awt import Robot
from javax.swing import SwingUtilities
from java.awt.event import InputEvent

robot = Robot()

coordLabelComp = rc.getComponent("<someName>")

        comp = rc.getComponent("<someName>")
        # Start on the upper left corner
        point = comp.getLocation()
        SwingUtilities.convertPointToScreen(point, comp)
        x = int(point.getX())
        y = int(point.getY())

robot.mouseMove(x, y)

#Then there is a loopback using robot.mouseMove() with x, y updated with a translation


Unfortunately, the JLabel is not refreshed for each mouse movement using the robot, even if grab focus is successful:
We tried:


Have you an idea concerning the issue regarding the lack of JLabel updates when using Jython mouse moves ?

On the other hand, as a short test for the first solution, we tried three QF-Test mouse click, for which the JLabel is correctly updated, but not within a Jython script.



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De : Gregor Schmid [mailto:Gregor.Schmid@?.de] 
Envoyé : mercredi 2 août 2017 16:23
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Objet : Re: [QF-Test] Mouse events with QF-Test

Hello Cedric,

I suggest you try to replay hard MOUSE_MOVED events. Soft events might work as well but that depends on how the mouse coordinates listener is implemented.

To get the event, just record a mouse click, change its event type to MOUSE_MOVED and possibly activate 'Replay as hard event'). Make X and Y coordinate variable and put the event in a procedure.

If you need to use screen coordinates instead of coordinates relative to some target component it may be easier to use a 'Server script'
based on the AWT Robot. Here's a Jython example:

from java.awt import Robot
robot = Robot()
robot.mouseMove(rc.getInt("x"), rc.getInt("y"))

This assumes that you place the script into a procedure with parameters x and y for the screen coordinates.

Best regards,

BENHAROUS Cedric <cedric.benharous@?.com> writes:

> Hi all,
> We are using QF-Test to test a Java application that is displaying mouse coordinates in a status bar.
> We would like to be able to move the mouse using QF-Test, at least inside this java application.
> How can we do this ? Is there any internal QF-Test Jython API for that ?
> Best regards,
> Cédric
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