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Re: [QF-Test] Automated configuration of QF-Test 4.1.1

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] Automated configuration of QF-Test 4.1.1
  • From: Michael Höber, QFS Support <support@?.de>
  • Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2017 15:05:16 +0100



QF-Test's configuration utility qfconfig.exe (can be found in the \bin directory) stores the following values in the registry:

- the Java program for QF-Test

- the amount of memory

- language

QF-Test itself (qftest.exe and qftestc.exe) reads these values during startup.


All those values are user dependent because of Windows Registry Virtualization, thus the "VirtualStore" paths.

For example: If user "a" setups the configuration, it has not impact for user "b". Also if user "c" setups the configuration with elevated privileges (aka "Run as Administrator"), it has not impact for other users if these other users have setup their own configurations.


That's why we usually do not recommend to manipulate the registry.

Actually we also do not recommend to use qfconfig.exe on multi user environments (e.g. a machine which is used by user "a" for test development during day and used by user "b" for automatic nightly tests).

Instead we recommend to define all necessary configurations via command line parameters. For example:

qftest.exe -java "C:\Program Files\Java\...\javaw.exe" -J-Xmx1024m …

This command tells QF-Test to use a certain Java and to use 1024m memory.

More information can be found here:


If you define all those parameters at the command line, it is not necessary to configure anything with qfconfig.exe or to manipulate the registry.


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Subject: [QF-Test] Automated configuration of QF-Test 4.1.1


We want to realize an automated installation and configuration of QF-Test 4.1.1.

We found registry keys (REG_DWORT) containing the value for Java Memory usage:



QF-Test creates (and overwrites?) these entries on the first run. How can we configure the java memory automatically to 1024MB during the installation process? Is there any way to overwrite the default value?

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