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[QF-Test] Dynamic Window name causes excessive warnings

  • Subject: [QF-Test] Dynamic Window name causes excessive warnings
  • From: Jack Davis <jack.davis@?.com>
  • Date: Tue, 19 Jan 2016 23:21:53 +0000

Hi all,

I am using QF Test to test a Java FX application which has a dynamic Window title with the format:

User Client <current build tag> - <Dynamic information about connected networks>

I have created a test suite which executes all the tests I want correctly. When I get a new build of the software the build tag changes so the Feature name changes. The test still runs correctly however I get a lot of warnings of this type:

Feature mismatch for component 'winUser_Client_-__(__Network1_-_Retrying__)'.
Expected: 'User Client dev-1.1.0-614-g71b546e -  (    Network1- INACTIVE  : Retrying  : Network2: Disconnected   )'
Got: 'User Client dev-1.1.0-1079-gf89b6ce - User1 (   Network1 - ACTIVE  : Network2: Disconnected   )'

As you can see the "User Client" part doesn't change and I guess that is how the test is able to execute without giving me any feature recognition ERRORS.

I have tried putting in a wild card like this "User Client.*" but QF Test doesn't get what I mean by that. I can actually manually edit all the Window entries in Windows and components so the test runs smoothly but that only lasts until the next build or change in Network state.

I am quite patient but this constant editing is starting to get on my nerves. Is there any way to get QF Test to ignore everything past "User Client" in the window title? Note that the Network1 and Network2 ACTIVE/INACTIVE state can change during the execution of the program so even if I do edit everything I still get warnings when one of those networks change their state during the test.