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[QF-Test] Reg : Queries in Data table accessing

  • Subject: [QF-Test] Reg : Queries in Data table accessing
  • From: arulraj.savariraj@?.com
  • Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2014 10:43:36 +0530

Hi All,

We would appreciate if you provide us the detailed answer with exact syntax as we are in the learning stage of QFS.


The below is my test suite structure

--Test - Set: Project 1
        -- Data Driver : Data Driver
        -- Data Table: Table 1
        -- Data Table: Table 2
--Test - Case: Employee Creation
--Test - Case: ID Creation
--Test - Case: Employee and ID Mapping

Data in the Data tables:

Table 1:

Employee ID        |        Employee Name
-------------------        |-----------------------------
ID0001                |        EMPName1

-------------------        |-----------------------------
ID0002                |        EMPName2

Table 2:

ID                |        ID Desc        |        Map ID
-------------------        |---------------------------        |------------------------
Em0001        |        IDName1        |

-------------------        |---------------------------        |------------------------
                |                        |
Em0002        |        IDName2        |


1. In the test case 'Employee Creation' , I need to create Text Input event with the value 'ID0002' which is in the Employee ID column of Table 1. So how to access those table value from the test case?
2. In the test case 'Employee and ID Mapping' , I need to create Text Input event with the value 'ID0002' from Table 1 and 'IDName2' from Table 2. How to access those values from multiple data tables?
3. In the test case 'Employee and ID Mapping', I need to update the field 'Map ID'' with some value. So how to update the field in the data table ?
4. Can we read / Write the data from data table using Server Script / SUT Script ? If yes could you please provide us the sample Groovy Script to achieve that ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards
Arul S

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