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Re: [QF-Test] Contains

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] Contains
  • From: "Florian Syska" <florian.syska@?.de>
  • Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2012 11:20:47 +0200


you address a row in a column with "foo.id@Item2"
for the check over all rows you can use the Component Check-Type visible or
Check-Type index.
Record a mouse click on one row, right click on event-> convert to
Check-Type visible or Check-Type index.

Best Regards
     Florian Syska

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Hi Guys

Is there a possibility to check like "contains" over a column?
I need this dynamic so that a simple record of an element by "check element"
isnt enough because i dont want to record it 200 times.
My goal is to capture the component only one time and check it in 200
testcases dynamicly with a variable if i get a result/hit in one of the

Any suggestions are very welcome :)

thanks in Advance,

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