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Re: [QF-Test] An event was triggered outside the AWT Event Dispatch Thread.

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] An event was triggered outside the AWT Event Dispatch Thread.
  • From: Ivan Boelle <ivan.boelle@?.com>
  • Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2012 13:35:26 +0200


You are starting your GUI application from within a Thread that is not the AWT thread.
This is a "bad practice" as Swing/AWT is not really multithread compliant.
Here QFTest is only raising that possible issue to you.

I would suggest to modify your classes in order to do the GUI initialisation part on the AWT Thread.
For that you wan use SwingUtilities.invokeandwait or invokelater.


Ivan Boelle

INT, Interactive Network Technologies

On Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 2:12 PM, Priyanka Joseph <jopriyanka27@?.com> wrote:
When I log in to my application(SUT) in QF Test for the first time, I receive the following error, in an Error Window pop up.

An event was triggered outside the AWT Event Dispatch Thread.

This is not a bug in QF-Test, rather the opposite: Herewith QF-Test informs you about a potentially very serious problem in your application.
 Please notify the developers of the application and include the event and stack-trace information provided below.

Details for developers:  

Event: java.awt.event.ContainerEvent[COMPONENT_REMOVED,child=null] on javax.swing.CellRendererPane[,0,0,0x0,hidden]  

Stack-trace: java.lang.Exception: Stack dump 
   at de.qfs.lib.util.Misc.getCurrentStackTrace(Misc.java:934)
   at de.qfs.apps.qftest.client.awt.ae.a(SourceFile:2356)
   at de.qfs.apps.qftest.client.awt.ae.componentRemoved(SourceFile:1574)
   at java.awt.Container.processContainerEvent(Unknown Source
 at javax.swing.AbstractListModel.fireContentsChanged(Unknown Source) 
at javax.swing.DefaultComboBoxModel.setSelectedItem(Unknown Source)
  at javax.swing.JComboBox.setSelectedItem(Unknown Source)
  at LoginApplet.initialize(LoginApplet.java:289)
 at LoginApplet.<init>(LoginApplet.java:105)
  at LoginApplet.main(LoginApplet.java:93)

When the wimdow is closed, and logged in for the second time, the error does not occur. Please help.



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