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Re: [QF-Test] Data Driver question

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] Data Driver question
  • From: Martin Moser <martin.moser@?.de>
  • Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 16:07:21 +0200

Hi Chuck,

actually the data-driver concept is intended to run one test-case with several test-data sets (which could come from different sources like in your first query).

If you want to have once test-case with one data file your structure should look like this:

	Test-Set - Representing TC 1
		Data driver
			Data table or excel file etc.
	Test-Set - Representing TC 2
		Data driver
			Data table or excel file etc.

There is one way to run steps within a Test-Case getting data from a data-table using a Test node.
This could look like this:

	Test Set
		Test Case
				Data driver
					Data table or excel file etc.

Best Regards,

--On Montag, Mai 21, 2012 15:09:44 -0500 "Hunt,Chuck" <CHUNT1@?.com> wrote:

OK.  What if each Test Case has its own data file?

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Hi Ivan, Chuck,

that's indeed a good way to achieve what Chuck asked. I'd just like to
add that you can shorten this to

--TestSet 1
----Data driver 1
------Data table for outer loop
------Data table for inner loop
----Test case A
----Test case B

i.e you can have more than one level of iteration in a single data driver.

Best regards,

Ivan Boelle <ivan.boelle@?.com> writes:

You can achieve this by doing something like this:

--TestSet 1
-- Data driver 1
----TestSet 2
---- Data driver 2
------Test case A
------Test case B

-> TestSet1 contains TestSet2 which contains TestCases

Both Test A and B will be run using data from both drivers.
If driver 1 has 2 rows and driver 2 has 3 rows then there will be 6
iterations. IE: each possible combination Will be run

Le 18 mai 2012 à 19:25, "Hunt,Chuck" <CHUNT1@?.com> a écrit :

    Is it possible to have 2 data drivers?  One with 5 rows for 5
    iterations and one with 1 row that will be re-used each of the 5


    Chuck Hunt


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