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Re: [QF-Test] Mouse Events without coordinates

  • Subject: Re: [QF-Test] Mouse Events without coordinates
  • From: "Berg, Klaus-Peter" <klaus-peter.berg@?.com>
  • Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 09:12:11 +0100

first of all, you should check if 'Edit->Options->Record->Events: "Record MouseEvents without coordinates where possible" checkbox' has been selected.
See Manual, chapter 29.2.1 Record MouseEvents without coordinates where possible (System)

For many types of components and sub-items it doesn’t matter where exactly a
MouseEvent occurs. However, if large values are recorded for the X or Y
coordinate of a Mouse event(417), there’s the danger that the event might miss its
target upon replay if the component has shrunk a little due to font changes or
because the window has been resized. This is also a possible source for
problems when converting a recorded sequence to a Procedure(349) with variable
target components.

If this option is activated, QF-Test ignores the coordinates of recorded
MouseEvents if it thinks that the coordinates don’t matter for the target
component, e.g. for all kinds of buttons, for menu items, table cells, list items and
tree nodes. For the latter QF-Test distinguishes between clicks on the node itself
and on the expand/collapse toggle. When MouseEvents without coordinates are
played back, QF-Test targets the center of the respective component or item
except that the X coordinate for items is limited to 5 because item bounds cannot
always be calculated correctly.


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Subject: [QF-Test] Mouse Events without coordinates


How we can remove the recorded coordinates for mouse events?
We have many scripts recorded with fixed coordinates for mouse events.


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