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[QF-Test] University speech about QF-Test - Help needed

  • Subject: [QF-Test] University speech about QF-Test - Help needed
  • From: "Joao Ulisses" <jpulisses@?.com>
  • Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2011 22:07:20 -0000

Hello my name is João Ulisses and im studying informatic engineering in Univerisdade Lusofona do Porto in Portugal.
My interrest in Quality First software comes from a work i have to do for Software Engineering class.
My teacher want us to make a work and a speech about, i picked this software because it seems to have features that suit us students that are learning java and java swing, yet it seemed good because the huge documentation in tutorials and examples you offer, as well other advanced features.
My teacher made this of a contest so the one who shows the best software, or the software he likes the most (that suit us) he will buy the licences for us to use and maybe as well for his team if it suits it aswell, so i really want to win because i think this is the best software, but im having some problems:
The problem is that we are still very begineers and despite the fact the tutorials are good, they are made for a step-ahead user, that already knows well how to work with programs with codes, we still learning how to use effectivly the IDEs... so i want to test my classes of java (with simple calculation codes in it), but i can’t, i try to put my java class to test (the one that is in eclipse 3.6 helios workspace directory) and load it, and QF acts as it can’t read, im doing something wrong?
Is there a way to just copy paste the code from the class, and test it with QF-Test, that would be easier, but if i could use a class, or two classes that are connected (one with main that calls other class) it would be awesome, but i can’t do it. If i knew that, maybe then i could work with more complex things like java swing (we already know how to create tables, frames, buttons...) and that would be nice since QF tests it as well. If the problem is to make the code to executable or the java class to a executable, we didnt learn that yet... and if thats the problem, can you give me a hand on how to do it with eclipse 3.6 helios? or you can test without making executable classes or code (that would be ideal, so i can test before i make an exe (plus since i dont know how to make an exe)).
If you could give me some help about this i would be very thankful, because i wanted to show my teacher how the application tested MY class (i would take screenshots since the free trial dosen’t let me save), because testing a part of our own code was also part of the work.
I would be very thankful.
Best regards
João Ulisses